2021 Radford Platform Renewal

Delivering More Value Than Ever

Bringing a New Era to Life at Radford

2021 promises to be a milestone year in our history as we launch several exciting and fundamental changes to the Radford product suite. While many of the changes coming in 2021 are years in the making, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic emboldened us to accelerate our product transformation efforts. Rather than use the challenges of the pandemic as an excuse to slow down, we saw our clients moving faster than ever to embrace new ways of working while also rethinking their approaches to compensation. We need to move just as fast as you to meet your needs, and thus, the time for change is now.

The transformation coming in 2021 will give you access to more data the ever, while simultaneously streamlining how you input data, access data and purchase data.

Are you ready to renew with Radford today to ensure you have the cutting-edge compensation data and insights you need for 2021 and beyond? Take a look at what's new at Radford heading into the 2021 survey season.

Reasons to Renew

Our Data Story

In 2021, Radford will undergo one of our greatest transformations to date to deliver more data, better insights and enhanced value to our clients. Entering the 2021 survey season, we plan to integrate all existing Radford surveys, along with key Total Compensation Measurement (TCM) surveys, onto a single integrated product called the Radford Global Compensation Database.

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Our Methodology

To make it easier to use and understand the data we provide, all survey data stored in the Radford Global Compensation Database will leverage the same job leveling and job-matching methodology called the Radford Global Job Architecture and Leveling System.

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New Jobs

The power and flexibility of the Radford Platform allows us to take a more liberal approach to job family additions in our surveys. And along with our new job code methodology, it gives us the ability to generate new jobs faster each year in reaction to shifting workforce trends.

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New Market Filters

The power and flexibility of the Radford Platform allows us to take a more liberal approach to market filter additions in our surveys. With more filters to select from, you will be able to drill down to find the specific data points that you're looking for.

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The Radford Network

Starting in 2021, all our clients will utilize the same online portal to input survey data and access survey results. The Radford Network is optimized to provide you with the power and flexibility you need to mine our data with ease and generate market-leading compensation insights.

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