Benefit SpecSelectTM for Radford Platform Clients

Today’s benefits leaders have no shortage of challenges to contend with in the U.S., from new legislative mandates to the pressure of enhancing value while lowering costs. Tackle these issues head-on with access to market-leading U.S. benefits insights from Aon, tailormade for Radford Global Compensation Database clients.

What's New?

For past users of the legacy Radford U.S. Benefits Survey (RBS), you will now find all of its data and insights delivered on Aon's Benefit SpecSelect platform. This exciting change provides clients with enhanced benefits insights on a far more dynamic system, starting with a more simplified and streamlined input process.

Can I Still Get Industry-Specific Insights?

Yes. Given the many unique practices of Radford Global Compensation Database participants, especially life sciences and technology firms, we've created a customized Benefit SpecSelect site for our clients, which is available for $4,800. You will also have an option to explore access to the full Benefit SpecSelect platform, featuring data across all industries, for an additional price of $4,700 on top of your Radford Benefit SpecSelect subscription.

How Will My Experience Improve?

  • While the Benefit SpecSelect platform requires companies to provide some additional submission information, we have also eliminated some data requirements that were difficult to gather quickly and consistently. Aon's benefits team works directly with all participants to support the submission process, including filling out submission materials using your plan documents.
  • The Benefits SpecSelect platform offers an online reporting environment where clients can access data on-the-fly vs. downloading static PDF reports.
  • All clients will have the ability to run an unlimited number of custom reports on the Benefit SpecSelect platform, which features targeted reporting options well beyond what Radford has traditionally offered.

Gain Valuable Insights into a Wide Array of Benefits Offerings

Benefit SpecSelect will provide you access to critical benefits information, including:

  • Health care, including active medical, prescription drugs, dental, vision, hearing, and retiree medical
  • Retirement income plans, including defined benefit and defined contribution programs
  • Disability, short-term and long-term
  • Death benefits, including group life, survivor benefits, and retiree life
  • Paid leave, including sick leave, holidays, vacations, PTO banks, parental leave, and more
  • Work/life and voluntary benefits

Learn How Other Organizations Are Responding

With Benefit SpecSelect, you’ll receive answers to key questions such as:

  • What are employers charging employees for health care coverage?
  • How many employers have added parental leave programs?
  • How prevalent are PTO programs?
  • What are employers doing with retirement income plans?

Create Customized Benefit Prevalence Reports

Internet-based and highly interactive, Benefit SpecSelect allows you to review data across:

  • Industry types
  • Company types
  • State and metropolitan areas
  • Total sales
  • Size of employee population

If you would like to benchmark against our complete database, ask us about participation in the broader Benefit SpecSelect site.




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