2021 Radford Platform Renewal

Our Data Story

Delivering More Data to Clients

Starting this year, all existing Radford surveys, along with key Total Compensation Measurement® (TCM) surveys, will be merged into a single integrated product called the Radford Global Compensation Database; this product will allow clients to access benchmark data from nearly 13 million employees. This will be delivered on the Radford Network® and is designed to meet the complete compensation benchmarking needs of an organization. Merging multiple legacy surveys together onto a single global platform—imbued with Radford DNA—creates an unmatched resource for the world’s most innovative and dynamic companies who are looking to attract best-in-class talent.

The Radford Global Compensation Database will be comprised of the following surveys:

Radford Surveys (10M+ Employees)
  • Radford Global Technology Survey
  • Radford Global Life Sciences Survey
  • Radford Global Sales Survey
  • Radford U.S. Pre-IPO/Venture-Backed Survey

TCM Surveys (3M+ Employees)
  • U.S. TCM Executive & Senior Management Survey
  • U.S. TCM Broad-Based Employee Survey
  • U.S. TCM Non-Exempt Employee Survey
  • Global TCM
  • Multiple TCM Energy Surveys
  • Multiple TCM Industry Surveys

As you can imagine, to execute this transformation, we are adopting several significant methodology changes, including a new industry classification system, a new global job architecture and leveling system, and a new job library and job coding system. These changes, which we recognize are significant for clients like you, will allow us to deliver more data and better insights to customers, while also streamlining our commercial offerings and improving user experiences.

Radford Survey Database Growth

As the technology and life sciences sectors continue to evolve, along with a growing number of adjacent sectors like media and retail, Radford remains highly focused on seeking out the world's next great wave of innovative companies. To this end, we've added hundreds of new clients to our global databases in the last five years.

New Company Additions

Radford continues to build upon its foundation of strength in the technology and life sciences sectors, adding 793, 399 and 197 organizations respectively to the published databases of the Radford Global Technology Survey, the Radford Global Sales Survey and the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey since the start of 2016.

This rate of growth shows no signs of slowing. Between January and November 2020, more than 1,100 new companies enrolled to join one or more Radford surveys in 2020 and/or 2021.

Number of Participating Organizations in Radford Surveys

Growing Incumbent Counts

As the number of participating organizations grows, so too does the number of incumbents matched to benchmark job codes. Since the start of 2016, incumbent counts for the Radford Global Technology Survey, the Radford Global Sales Survey and the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey have climbed by 49%, 30% and 25%, respectively.

These figures do not include more than a million additional incumbents now matched to our supplemental "GWA job codes" every year for the purposes of calculating workforce metrics.


Number of Incumbents in Benchmark Jobs

All of the charts above do not even include numbers from our Total Compensation Measurement (TCM) surveys. This means you can expect the addition of several million more incumbents to our platform in 2021.

Beyond Compensation Benchmarking

Market Practice Studies
Years of working with thousands of innovative technology and life sciences firms have given us a great deal of insight into what our clients care about most when it comes to attracting, retaining and motivating talent. Enter our suite of Market Practice Studies, which are designed to handle your most pressing issues and make the perfect companion piece to the Radford Global Compensation Database. Comprised of five separate studies, each study within the suite will be conducted online during the year with standard results provided to companies submitting complete data at no additional cost. To learn more, please click here.

One More Thing…Learn About Benefit SpecSelect™ for Radford Clients!
Today’s benefits leaders have no shortage of challenges to contend with in the U.S., from new legislative mandates to the pressure of enhancing value while lowering costs. Tackle these issues head-on with access to market-leading U.S. benefits insights from Aon, tailormade for Radford survey clients. The legacy Radford U.S. Benefits Survey is being delivered on Aon's Benefit SpecSelect platform, which provides Radford clients with added insights on a dynamic reporting system. To learn more, please click here.


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