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Compensation, plan design, and benefits insights
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Data and Insights to Make Better Workforce Decisions

When the world’s most innovative companies need compensation, plan design and benefits insights, their business leaders, board members, employees and investors all turn to Aon’s portfolio of Radford products. Powered by the Radford Global Compensation Database, which spans 23.3+ million employees working in 109 countries for 6,400+ organizations, our products allow clients to make faster, smarter and better people decisions.


Compensation Surveys

The Radford Global Compensation Database is now the only resource you need to benchmark compensation across the world's most innovative companies, including technology, retail and e-commerce, media and gaming, manufacturing, life sciences, financial technology, and energy and renewables firms. Across thousands of jobs and every element of compensation, we have you covered.

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Market Practice Studies

Our market practice studies allow clients to think holistically about the design and implementation of rewards programs, including salary budget planning, short- and long-term incentive plan practices, allowance and perquisite policies, and much more. Importantly, Radford Global Compensation Database clients who provide supplemental data to these studies receive complimentary results.

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Benefits Insights

Leveraging Aon’s incredible expertise in both U.S. and global benefits plan design and administration, we’ve developed several unique benefits products for Radford Global Compensation Database clients. These products provide industry-specific benchmarks and are also tailor-made for high-growth companies looking to quickly enter new employment markets.

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Compensation Consulting

Every year, hundreds of our clients need more than data and analytics to address their biggest compensation challenges. From executive pay to broad-based employee rewards, we have hundreds of experienced consultants around the world who can help you reimagine your rewards programs and strategy leveraging insights from the Radford Global Compensation Database.

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