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Years of working with thousands of innovative technology and life sciences firms have given us a great deal of insight into what our clients care about most when it comes to attracting, retaining and motivating talent. Enter our suite of market practice studies, which are designed to handle your most pressing issues and make the perfect companion piece to compensation benchmarking. Comprised of five separate studies, each study within the suite will be conducted online during the year with standard results provided to companies submitting complete data at no additional cost. 

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Salary Increase and Turnover Study

As an HR Leader, accounting for strong headcount growth while also making an extra effort to retain your best people year after year can be challenging. To that end, it becomes increasingly important to understand the latest salary trends in the U.S. and around the world.

The Salary Increase and Turnover Study gives participants extensive country specific coverage of salary increase budgets in addition to  turnover, hiring plans, performance management, pay for performance effectiveness, promotion practices and more.

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Short- and Long-Term Incentive Design 

When it comes to making an offer to a prospective hire, base salary is only the beginning of a total rewards package. Often, the decision to accept vs. reject an offer hinges on the short- and long-term incentives that a company is able to provide or not provide.

The Short- and Long-Term Incentive Design Study is desiged to be the perfect companion piece to the job-by-job pay data in our compensation surveys and covers incentive topics around the world, including eligibility, recipients and plan design criteria.

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Intern, New Graduate and Pay Administration Study

In today's hot labor market, attracting employees is critically important. Whether recruiting new grads, especially those out of high demand programs, or forming an offer for experienced hires, candidates have many options and are eager to prove their worth.

The Intern, New Graduate and Pay Administration Study is a new annual survey that covers new hire pay guidelines for new college grads with a bachelor, master or doctorate degree, as well as internship candidates at different levels on their education journey.

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Car Policy and Time-Off Study

Base salaries and incentives are only the beginning when designing effective pay programs. As companies continue to expand their global reach, it becomes more critical to understand car policy and time-off policies both locally and around the world.

Whether you need to relocate an employee to another country or need to hire locally, the Car Policy and Time-Off Study will provide you insight into car policy and leave topics for 37 markets.

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Employee Experience Study

It can be argued that company culture might be even more important than company strategy when building employee engagement and enthusiasm. After all, employees that fit in well with the company and believe in its values will be more productive than people who don’t.

The Employee Experience Study covers all the party-talk items that make a firm unique, which in today’s workplace, is essential to hiring and retaining talent. Change in control policies and severance benefits are also covered in this survey.

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