Log In Help — How Can I Retrieve My Username and/or Password?

To reset your password for the Radford Network, please click here. You will be asked to enter your username for the Radford Network, which is your corporate email address.

How Can I View and/or Change My Access Settings?

For information on your personal Radford Network access settings, including the surveys you have access to, the countries you have access to, and the submission materials you have access to, log in to the My Account section of the Radford Network.

The ability to add users, remove users or modify user access settings on the Radford Network is limited to colleagues at your company designated as Network Primary, Survey Primary, or Renewal Primary contacts. To connect with these contacts, please click the link above.

How Can I Check on My Account Status?

For information on your account status, including the surveys you participate in, your data submission due dates, your data submission status, your payment status, and your Radford points of contact, log in to the My Account section of the Radford Network.

Who Can I Talk to About My Survey Input?

Every Radford Global Compensation Database client is partnered with a dedicated Survey Consultant to guide you through the survey submission process. To contact your Survey Consultant, log in to the Radford Network and click on "Input" on the main navigation bar. There, you'll find contact information for your Survey Consultant.

Who Can I Talk to About My Survey Renewal?

To check on the status of your annual survey renewal, please connect with your Renewal Manager. If you do not know who your Renewal Manager is, please email renew@radford.com.

Who Can I Talk to Upgrade My Survey Participation?

To upgrade your existing survey participation (e.g., adding countries or job modules), please connect with your Sales Manager. If you do not know who your Sales Manager is, please email HCAenroll@aon.com.

Who Can I Talk to About Invoice/Payment Questions?

For all payment-related questions, including checking your payment status, requesting invoice copies, providing billing information updates, PO numbers, W9 information or other vendor forms, please email invoices@radford.com.