Salary Increase and Turnover Study

Access to robust salary increase budget and employee turnover data is the bedrock of every annual compensation-planning cycle. Our Salary Increase and Turnover Study, conducted twice per year, provides Radford Global Compensation Database clients with the actionable insights they need, spanning more than 130 countries, to ensure their pay cycles are aligned with overall market trends.

Study Scope

By making our entire suite of market practice studies automatically available to Radford Global Compensation Database participants, and complimentary to everyone who provides a complete and timely submission, we’ve maximized our data collection efforts. Our most recent Salary Increase and Turnover Study includes:






Major Industry

Covered Practices

Our Salary Increase and Turnover Study covers the following key market practices:

  • Actual overall and merit-based salary increases
  • Budgeted overall and merit-based salary increases
  • Expected hiring and workforce growth trends
  • Key talent identification and rewards differentiation practices
  • Performance management practices
  • Promotion practices
  • Salary structure movement trends
  • Voluntary and involuntary turnover rates


2024 First Edition Study

  • Data collection opens — February 2024
  • Data collection closes — March 2024
  • Results published — May 2024

2024 Second Edition Study

  • Data collection opens — June 2024
  • Data collection closes — July 2024
  • Results published — September 2024


Results for the Salary Increase and Turnover Study are provided twice a year in both PDF and Excel formats, with separate reports created for U.S. and global practices. All U.S. reports include detailed results by region, industry and employee groups (i.e., executive, management, professional, support and hourly workers). All global reports include data for as many countries as possible where there is enough information to publish results.

This study features two reports. An excel workbook captures Budget and Turnover Data including detailed spending plans and actual increases covering overall, merit, promotion, and exceptions reported for over 125 countries. Salary Structure movement along with Turnover rates for overall and voluntary reasons occurring during a defined trailing-12-month period are presented for 43 countries. A PDF report describes Salary Increase Delivery Practices in 12 countries with topics including workforce hiring and growth plans, use of performance ratings vs. no-rating approaches, and promotional increase practices; with frequency and size of increases reported for the U.S..


All Radford Global Compensation Database participants are automatically invited to submit data twice a year to the Salary Increase and Turnover Study via an online questionnaire posted on the Radford Network®. To check on your company's submission status, visit the input page on the Radford Network and look for the "Salary Increase and Turnover" tile for the current edition.


All Radford Global Compensation Database participants who provide a complete and timely submission to the Salary Increase and Turnover Study will receive a complimentary copy of overall study results at the time of publication. Submissions, as well as access to study results, are tracked separately for the first and second editions of each year’s study. Custom peer group analysis can be purchased separately at additional cost.

Please note, access to results will align to the completeness of your submission. If you submit data for the U.S. only, you will receive U.S. results. If you submit data for all countries where you operate, you will receive full global results.

Radford Global Compensation Database participants who do not submit information to the first and/or second editions of this study can purchase overall study results for a fee at the time of each respective publication.

Participation in the Radford Global Compensation Database is not required to join this study. To learn more about your survey participation options, click here.


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