Beyond Compensation Benchmarking

How much you pay your people is only half the story. How you deliver and design rewards programs is equally important. This is where our suite of market practice studies come into play. Each study below is fully integrated into your Radford Global Compensation Database experience to ensure you have access to all the plan design and pay practice insights you need to make smarter total rewards decisions.

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Salary Increase and Turnover Study

Access to robust salary increase budget and employee turnover data is the bedrock of every annual compensation-planning cycle. Our Salary Increase and Turnover Study, conducted twice per year, provides Radford Global Compensation Database clients with the actionable insights they need, spanning more than 130 countries, to ensure their pay cycles are aligned with overall market trends.

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Short- and Long-Term Incentive Design 

Understanding the mechanics of short- and long-term incentive plan design is no easy feat. To help you sort through the chaos, our annual study of plan design practices provides Radford Global Compensation Database clients with detailed information on the key factors you'll need to consider when deciding on how to make your programs as compelling and competitive as possible.

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Intern, New Graduate and Pay Administration Study

As companies begin to grapple with the long-term implications of global skills gaps and labor shortages, the emphasis on intern and new graduate hiring, along with effective pay adminstration across different locations and working models, has never been higher. Our annual study provides Radford Global Compensation Database participants with the insights they need to ensure they remain a destination of choice for the next generation of talent.

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Employee Experience and Paid Time-Off Study

How we work, where we work, and what we expect from work are in flux. The pressure is now squarely on business and human resources leaders to respond and reimagine the modern workplace. Everything — from culture to benefits to values — is on the table, which is we provide Radford Global Compensation Database participants with access to this incredibly important annual study. Paid time-off policies are also covered in this study.

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Sales Incentive Practices and Car Policy Study

Designing an effective sales incentive plan is critical to the long-term success of any organization. Sales incentive plan design must align with the financial vision of the organization and, at the same time, attract and motivate top-tier sales talent. To help analyze these key design components, our annual study provides you with detailed information on the crucial plan design elements you will need to consider when creating a world-class sales incentive plan.

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Severance and Change-in-Control Study

Given increased M&A activity and continued investor interest in post-employment compensation practices, the need to have comprehensive severance and change-in-control programs, along with clear provisions for the treatment of equity awards upon retirement, is as great as ever. Our annual study gives clients a comprehensive read-out on where the market stands today.

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