2023 Radford Global Compensation Database Renewal

More Jobs and Filters, Increased Precision

Expect More


We made a small number of adjustments to jobs for the 2023 survey year and added 50 new job families to meet your unique and growing needs, including expanding on our new Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) job module added last year. We invite you to preview a sampling by module below.


Infrastructure Module: We added 11 job families to our infrastructure module this year spanning several functions.

Corporate Affairs
Grant Administration

Corporate/Business Services
Air Operations

Customer Service/Support

Human Resources
Agility Coach

Information Technology
Enterprise Architecture
Solution Architecture
Systems Programming & Analysis

Merger and Acquisition
Proposal Writer

Supply Chain
General - Multi-focus
Loan Kit Technician



Executive & Senior Management Module: We added 16 job families to our executive and senior management module this year spanning several functions.

Head of Environmental, Social, and Governance - Corporate

Head of Corporate Governance - Corporate

Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) - Executive
Head of Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) - Corporate

Product Management – Executive
Head of Digital Media Innovation - Corporate
Head of Pricing - Corporate

Visual Merchandising - Executive

Research & Development
Clinical Supply Chain - Executive
Head of Clinical Supply Chain - Corporate
Top Research & Development – Business Unit
Analytical Development - Executive
Head of Analytical Development - Corporate
Head of Research Biology - Corporate

Strategic Planning & Corporate Development 
Head of Product Licensing - Corporate

Supply Chain
Head of Demand / Forecast Planning - Corporate



Life Sciences Module: We added 5 job families to our life sciences module this year.

Stability Assessment 

Research & Development
Qualitative Systems Pharmacology
Real World Evidence
Translational Medicine (MD) 



Retail & E-Commerce Module: We added 3 new job families to our retail & e-commerce module this year.

Mobile Ordering
Delivery and Fulfillment
In Store Fulfillment


Manufacturing Module: We added 1 job families to our manufacturing module this year.

Mechanical Analysis CFD



Energy Module: We added 10 job families to our energy module this year spanning several functions.

Business Operations
Energy Dispatch
Energy Load Forecasting
Energy Rate Analysis
Energy Scheduling
Energy Supply
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (Energy / Mining)
Energy Sustainability Analysis

Power System Planning
Energy Assets Reliability

Plant Operations



Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Module: We added 4 new job families to our newest job module this year.

BPO Analytics
Catastrophic Modeling
Business Process Operations
BPO Business Management/ COO
Internal Audit
Systems/ IT Audit


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