2023 Radford Global Compensation Database Renewal

More Features, Better Insights

Our Platform

Access compensation insights with the power and flexibility you need with our market-leading client portal.

We built the Radford Network from the ground up as a platform without borders. With the Radford Network at your side, you'll be able to benchmark pay on-the-fly for thousands of industry-specific jobs, both technical and non-technical in nature, across all manner of geographic and industry lines.

All our clients utilize the same online portal to input survey data and access survey results. The Radford Network is optimized to provide you with the power and flexibility you need to mine our data with ease and generate market-leading compensation insights.

New Features to Get Excited About

Following the release of our Peer Group Reporting feature last year, your Radford Network® experience will continue to improve throughout the 2023 survey cycle as we launch exciting add-on features, some of which are included, and others which can be purchased separately.


Location Analytics

With remote and flexible working models on the rise, we've designed our new global Location Analytics feature on the Radford Network to compare compensation levels across a group of locations, pinpoint talent availability globally and gain insights into emerging markets.

Easily select and compare compensation across multiple locations using a simple yet powerful map experience while building any combination of jobs that reflect your company's unique talent needs and see insights for selected locations in real-time.

Aging and Currency Conversion

You've asked for them, and now we're delivering two highly sought after features on the Radford Network. First up is Aging, which allows you to age your market data forward to take into consideration movements in the market now, or in anticipation of your upcoming merit cycle.

Next, we have Currency Conversion, which allows you to apply a "Preferred Currency" on reports created using the Data Generator tools. So if you want to view all your data in Euros, now you can regardless of which countries are selected.

Executive Regression

New for this year, the Executive Regression Data Generator tool allows clients to estimate an executive's pay by running a linear regression formula on Executive jobs with the ability to select the Firm-Revenue or Firm-Headcount. Results are then outputted to a formatted excel file for easy loading into your market pricing software.

Peer Groups

With the release of the new Radford Global Compensation Database, clients who have purchased Radford's Peer Group functionality will have immediate access to it. With this functionality, you can now create, save and run peer group reports on-demand inside the Radford Network, and will no longer need to order individual custom peer group reports on an ad-hoc basis. Instead, you can access peer group information through Market Queries, alongside your standard industry- and country-based reports.

In addition, with each survey publication, you will have the ability to refresh your already created peer groups, which means that your peer groups will always remain up to date with our data refreshes.

Global Workforce Metrics Dashboard

The Radford Global Workforce Metrics Dashboard now incorporates the new Radford Global Compensation Database and the new Radford Global Job Architecture & Leveling System. The unified database contains all employees across industries and geographies. The unified and highly differentiated job leveling system creates a common benchmark language for all clients. The Radford Global Workforce Metrics Dashboard is available for full-census clients participating in our "GWA" program. This tool gives clients the ability to compare the distribution of their people and compensation spend against the market. You can also filter data and drill-down on the fly.

New Breakouts

Users who are already familiar with the Radford Network may notice that there are a lot more options for filtering now, including the separation of Employee Filters and Company Filters. There are also several additional new filters including Tenure, Sales Channel, Concept Type, Zip Code and Executive Reporting Levels.


Recent Feature Updates

Work on the new Radford Network never ceases. Whether it's new features, improved functionality or simply a bug fix, several important enhancements to the new Radford Network were made over the past several months. Here are few of the latest highlights:

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