2023 Radford Global Compensation Database Renewal

Global, Scaled Benchmarking Approach

Our Enhanced Methodologies

Building on the foundation of our integrated metholodology, we have made it easier to use and understand the data we provide. Today, all survey data stored in the Radford Global Compensation Database leverages the same job leveling and job matching methodology called the Radford Global Job Architecture and Leveling System.

What this means for you:

  • One globally consistent input process
  • One output methodology
  • Streamlined ability to port Aon data into third-party tools

Job Modules

Job modules can be seen as distinct collections of job families; some modules include jobs commonly found at all companies, while other modules include industry-specific jobs that are generally found only within specific industries. There are three important facts you need to know about our job modules:

  1. One Database
    All of the jobs will be organized in one database with a common input, leveling structure and one job code catalog to ease the submission process.
  2. Job Functions
    Each job module will be organized into distinct collections of job functions, which describe the job’s core responsibilities (examples include engineering, sales, finance and R&D).
  3. Drill Down
    Job module structure provides a broad, cross-sector view of the market with the ability to drill down into industries; this is particularly valuable for Executive and Senior Management roles and Infrastructure and Technology job modules.


The catalyst behind our job leveling architecture is our clients. We listened extensively about what clients love about what we do, and what things needed to evolve to meet the needs of the innovation industries.

  1. General Approach

    Our general approach to global job leveling consists of M (Management), P (Professional), and
    S (Support) jobs.

  2. More Executive Levels
    We have 6 executive levels and to provide more specificity for executive roles via level changes, we have a number of “executive scoping” categories such as organization level, financial scope, reporting layer and geographical responsibility.
  3. Life Sciences
    To accommodate Life Sciences companies, we have a Scientific (T) leveling track.

Job Codes

Today, clients use a unified job library and job code methodology. Our unified methodology leverages a “building block” approach to generating job codes that, while a change for clients, will ultimately be more intuitive to use and support accelerated job-matching processes. Most importantly, our job code methodology empowers clients to generate new jobs faster each year in reaction to shifting workforce trends. Three things to know:

  1. Consistent Approach

    The Radford Global Compensation Database is organized in a consistent manner across all job modules.

  2. Intuitive Codes
    The architecture is alpha-numeric based, using intuitive codes.
  3. Pre-Mapping
    We will map your current job matches into the new Radford Global Compensation Database into pre-populated templates.


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