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Access to accurate, relevant and timely compensation survey data is vital to the success of your business. At the end of the day, if you can't attract, engage and retain talent, the ability for your business to grow and deliver on behalf of customers will suffer. This is why we view our insights as fuel for your innovation agenda— great ideas and products come to life when companies have the right people in the right roles at the right time.

The Radford Platform, which includes the Radford Global Compensation Database, the Radford Global Job Architecture and Leveling Methodology, and our client portal, the Radford Network®, addresses this need head-on. We provide business leaders, compensation professionals and human resources decision-makers with access to highly targeted insights covering more of the world's fastest-growing and most innovative companies than anyone else. As of today, our platform boasts:






Countries with
Reported Results


Jobs with
Reported Results

Database Growth

Our compensation survey coverage by industry continues to grow, and today includes: technology, life sciences, financial technology, retail and e-commerce, media and gaming, energy and renewables, manufacturing, and more. We remain highly focused on seeking out the world's next great wave of innovative companies. To this end, we've added thousands of new clients to our global databases in the last six years.

New Company Additions

We continue to build upon our foundation of strength in all industry sectors, adding 3,397 organizations to the published database of the aggregate of our Radford Surveys and now the Radford Global Compensation Database, since July 2017.


Number of Participating Organizations in Radford Surveys

Growing Incumbent Counts

As the number of participating organizations grows, so too does the number of incumbents matched to benchmark job codes. Since July 2017, the total incumbent count for the aggregate of our Radford Surveys and now the Radford Global Compensation Database has grown by 125%.


Number of Incumbents in Benchmark Jobs

Expanded Industry Coverage

Explore the cards below for some quick highlights of our industry coverage.


Participating Firms: 2,800
Employee Count: 5 Million
Reported Jobs: 865

Retail and E-Commerce

Participating Firms: 439
Employees: 4.6 Million
Reported Jobs: 297

Media and Gaming

Participating Firms: 168
Employee Count: 353 Thousand
Reported Jobs: 408


Participating Firms: 703
Employee Count: 1.7 Million
Reported Jobs: 1,106

Life Sciences

Participating Firms: 1,744
Employee Count: 1.6 Million
Reported Jobs: 1,101

Financial Technology

Participating Firms: 234
Employee Count: 379 Thousand
Reported Jobs: 900+

Energy and Renewables

Participating Firms: 260
Employee Count: 232 Thousand
Reported Jobs: 533

Private Companies

Participating Firms: 3,399
Employee Count: 2.8 Million
Reported Jobs: 12,600+


Market Practice Studies

Our suite of Market Practice Studies, designed to handle your most pressing policy design issues, is the perfect companion for the Radford Global Compensation Database. These studies include:

  • Salary Increase and Turnover Study provides clients with actionable insights to ensure their pay cycles are aligned with overall market trends.
  • Short- and Long-Term Incentive Design Study highlights prevalence of alternative designs that you can consider implementing to motivate top performance.
  • Intern, New Graduate and Pay Administration Study provides insights for companies to become and remain a destination of choice for talent. New for 2023 includes pay transparancy and a dynamic New College Grad Compensation Tool.
  • Employee Experience Study includes everything from culture to values as well as sabbaticals and paid time off.
  • Sales Incentive Practices and Car Policy Study focuses attention on sales plan design for rewarding employees who influence purchasing decisions and provides sales plan characteristics for each sales job family.
  • Executive Practices Study is the new place to find change-in-control plans, executive perquisites and practices, and executive severance plan details

Benefit SpecSelect™

Today’s benefits leaders have no shortage of challenges to contend with in the U.S., from new legislative mandates to the pressure of enhancing value while lowering costs. Tackle these issues head-on with access to market-leading U.S. benefits insights from Aon, tailormade for you. The legacy Radford U.S. Benefits Survey is being delivered on Aon's Benefit SpecSelect platform, which provides clients with added insights on a dynamic reporting system. To learn more, please click here.


Consulting Services and More

Embedded in Aon's global network of rewards experts, our compensation consultants specialize in helping innovation-minded leaders and companies create the transformative rewards programs required to make the workforces of the future a reality. Our key practice areas include:

  • Executive Compensation
  • Employee Rewards
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Private Company Compensation
  • Corporate Governance and ESG
  • Equity Services
  • People Advisory
Additionally, you will have access to a wide array of job-matching resources, webinars and videos on our Knowledge Base and, if more help is needed, we invite you to outsource all data collection and job-matching work to us.

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