People Strategies

Even the best laid plans fail when people don’t do their part. You need great people to execute your business strategy, and to get there, you need to ensure your people programs and spend are aligned with business goals. We help HR leaders get their people plans pointed in the right direction. 

Connect Your People and Business Plans

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"We need to ensure our people and business plans work together to create a compelling strategic vision."

When your people and business strategies aren’t in sync, misguided HR programs tend to proliferate. Worse yet, your people don’t understand how these programs are intended to drive business results– they are perceived as a waste of time, which devalues the pivotal role HR can play in driving business success. We work with HR leaders to formulate effective people strategies, build alignment across leadership teams, and drive full implementation. Our approach relies on a thoughtful methodology that will walk you through the following steps:

  • Understand the Implications of Your Business Strategy – We’ll help you fully unpack your business strategy and fill in all of the blanks required to truly understand the implications for your people. Then we’ll identify the people, knowledge sets, and skills you’ll need to deliver on your business goals, now and in the future.
  • Articulate Your People Strategy – Partner with our team to codify the people strategy your organization needs to execute on its long-term business plans, including workforce and organization design, acquisition, development, succession, total rewards, leadership and culture. We’ll also help you and your team probe into all of the internal and external forces impacting your people to create granular, specific and actionable strategic statements.
  • Align on Programs and Priorities – Tactically align your team, your HR programs, and your processes to support your new people strategy. Identify programs to start, stop and continue, and the capital required to fully fund your plans. Then define the strategic success measures you need to track along the way.
  • Assess Organizational Readiness – Leverage our team to assess the readiness of your HR function and the overall business. Craft a change implementation plan that engages key stakeholders and organizes staging and rollout according to priorities.