People Analytics & Insights

Your people data is the most powerful resource you have when it comes to crafting an unmatched employee experience, but how do you know where to begin? We partner with HR organizations to gather the right information, listen to what it’s saying, and tell business leaders the right story. 

Transform Ambiguity into Action

Talent | People Analytics & Insights
"We can sense the value of our data, but we don't always see a clear path for acting on that data."

Extracting actionable insights from mountains of data can be overwhelming, especially when most talent and HR functions aren’t staffed with data scientists and technologists. We can help you cut through the ambiguity to make informed investments in your analytics team and tools. Furthermore, our own people analytics solutions can assist your organization in creating more effective people, rewards, and career development programs.

  • Advisory Services – We’ll partner with you and your team to help your organization understand what is important to measure and what is not, and how to get there with the right data and technology investments. We’ll also help you understand how ready your organization is for people metrics, and if needed, bring in the right change management and coaching services to drive adoption.
  • Analytics and Planning – In partnership with Visier, a leader in workforce analytics and planning, we can deploy a cloud solution to bring together your workforce data from numerous sources and transform it into valuable insights. Based on the outputs of your analytics and planning, we can also partner with you to use analytics to create and implement optimized people strategies tailored to your unique workforce. Potential areas of focus for your analytics efforts include:
    • Workforce planning
    • Recruitment
    • Engagement
    • Diversity, inclusion and belonging
    • Retention
    • Organization networking