High-Potential Development

High potentials are the difference makers who help your organization thrive. We help companies find rock stars early in their careers, accelerate their growth, and unleash their fullest potential. To avoid stagnation, you have to quickly identify the right people, develop them, and empower them. 

Don’t Take Potential for Granted

Talent | High Potential Development
"We need to a better job distinguishing between high performers and high-potentials."

Far too often, business leaders assume high-potential employees will find their way into the light on their own. That’s a risky approach to nurturing talent with the potential to lead and transform your business. If you’re not intentional about finding great people and guiding them through their careers, they’ll walk out the door before you ever knew they existed.

  • Articulate Your High-Potential Strategy – Our approach to high-potential identification starts with answering the question: potential for what? We then partner with you, your team and business leaders to develop a shared understanding for what high potential looks like at your organization. From there, you’ll be in position to find the next generation of game-changers in your organization.
  • High-Potential Identification – Mistaking a high-performing employee for a high-potential employee can be costly. And overlooking people who may not fit into certain archetypes can limit your ability to tap into diverse talent pools that bring new ideas. We’ll design an approach to find the right people by leveraging the latest research on potential, our deep assessment expertise, and our award-winning suite of assessment tools, including personality assessments, simulations, multi-rater feedback, and more.
  • Accelerated Development – We are deeply passionate about catalyzing the growth of your high potentials. Once you’ve identified who your high potentials are, we can work with you to design and deliver experience-based, multi-modal learning programs that integrate assessments, executive coaching, action learning and other curated development experiences.