Culture, Diversity & Inclusion

Have you heard the expression, culture eats strategy for breakfast? Well, it’s true. We’re well beyond debating what culture is or whether it’s important. We’re also beyond debating the value of diversity. Your culture either makes everything you do possible, or it creates barriers to success. 

Creating Culture with Intent

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"We want to be very intentional in creating our culture; it should be built to drive specific results."

Whether you’re a start-up codifying your culture for the first time, or an established company that needs to re-invent its culture, we can help. While the outcomes in each case may vary greatly, our methodology for culture creation rests on a foundation of creating clear expectations for leaders, enrolling employees, driving organizations through a proven change management process, and embedding inclusion from the start.

  • Understand the Drivers of Successful Culture Creation – Multiple factors can impact the success of any culture creation project, but three traits are fundamental. First, senior leaders need to own and lead the transformation process. Second, employees need to be engaged as co-creators of their future; they are not people to “sell” to. Third, when your culture is put down on paper, it must address key issues unique to your business and prescribe the achievement of specific results.
  • Adopt a Proven Process for Change – Through decades of experience, we’ve developed a culture creation process that works. Our process is highly collaborative, utilizing proven techniques to address tough issues while modeling desired values and behaviors, and allowing for customization based on your needs and objectives. And to ensure your future culture “sticks,” we implement a framework for broad employee involvement. We guide clients through a process that includes:
    • Assess - Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures we assess the current state of your culture and then leverage data and insight to inform a vision and design for the future.
    • Align - We engage employees at all levels to develop a shared understanding of challenging issues within your organization, and then we create a case for change.
    • Empower – We leverage experiential methods to facilitate empowerment and ownership for results and establish priorities for change.
    • Design and Implement – Charter a transformation team to address your top priorities, design the future state and drive change.
    • Change – Measure results against agreed-upon metrics, revise as necessary, and celebrate success.
  • Inclusion – We know a more diverse and inclusive organizational culture is better for engagement, retention, collaboration, innovation and driving growth. That’s why inclusion principles and techniques are embedded in our culture change process. We also help clients assess their climate for diversity and inclusion, which includes, identifying barriers, reducing the impact of unconscious bias, assessing and developing inclusive leaders, and formulating a specific strategy to move forward.