Enhancements: Transition to Human Capital Analytics

Our January publication – the third quarterly publication of the 2023-2024 survey cycle – includes new features and enhancements.

Transition to Human Capital Analytics
Starting with this publication, the Radford Network (radfordnetwork.aon.com) will be retired and all users will only be able to access our data at Human Capital Analytics (https://hca.aon.com). The new site layout better organizes our tools based on desired output and need, allowing users to navigate the platform faster and more efficiently. For more details, please click here.

To access Human Capital Analytics, go directly to https://hca.aon.com. Your login credentials and multi-factor authentication settings remain the same and do not need to be changed. To learn more about the new site and see a demonstration, please sign up for a live webinar session. In addition, users can experience an interactive tour by clicking the “Take the Navigation Tour” button.

India Data Element Set
Users will notice a new Data Elements Set from the drop-down in Quick Benchmarks, Market Queries, and Country Totals. The new set focuses on elements for India. Navigate to the Data Element Set dialog box and make a selection.

2024 Job Matrix
The new 2024 Job Matrix is available and reflects year-over-year (2023 to 2024) changes. The 2024 Job Matrix is a key resource for data collection to help clients with job matching and submitting their 2024 Radford McLagan Compensation Database information.

Data Collection Materials
The Participant Guide, Job Catalog, and Year-Over-Year Mapping Guide are located on the Submit Pay Data tab and in the Help Center. Data Collection templates will be available starting February 26.

CG Pro Access
We are pleased to now enable a seamless and integrated experience for our Corporate Governance Pro clients within the Human Capital Analytics platform.

Market Queries
Downloaded reports in Market Queries will now be split into multiple files and zipped if the output file has more than 500K rows of data. Each file will have up to 500K rows of data and will have a number appended to the end of the name after the time stamp (e.g. _01, _02, _03,..).

To log into Human Capital Analytics, visit: hca.aon.com.

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