Platform Enhancements: A Brand New Navigational Experience

Our October publication – the second quarterly publication of the 2023-2024 survey cycle – includes new platform features and enhancements. In addition, this is one of our biggest releases ever with multiple new milestone counts.

Updates to our Brand New Navigational Experience
Our previous July release saw the launch of an enhanced version of the Radford Network with an all-new navigation and home page design to make accessing the market data and insights you need to make better decisions easier than ever. For more details on that release, please click here.

This month, we expand on that release with the ability to download Market Practice Study results and sign up for webinars from our new platform.



To access the new platform, simply click on the link for the new experience while on the login screen for the current Radford Network, or go directly to Your login credentials and multi-factor authentication settings remain the same and do not need to be changed. You will still have access to the current Radford Network for at least the next three months before we retire it sometime at the end of the year. 

Training for the New Platform Experience
To help you learn the new platform, we are offering live training sessions. You can sign up in the current Radford Network under Resources – Training – Training Webinars or by clicking here.

To log into the Radford Network, visit:

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