Platform Enhancements: Aging, Currency Conversion and More

Our October publication – the second quarterly publication of the 2022-2023 survey cycle – includes new platform features and enhancements, highlights of which you can preview below.

Clients who want to forecast our data forward for planning purposes will now be able to apply aging factors within Quick Benchmarks, Market Queries, and Country Total Reports. This feature provides the flexibility to age Cash and Equity data at different rates for different countries.


You can turn aging settings on/off as well as apply aging factors for specific countries/regions. To learn more about Aging, please click here.


Currency Conversion
While the data will continue to be delivered in local currency, clients are now given the added flexibility to convert the data to a preferred currency.



Executive Regression
This new analytical feature enables clients to run a linear regression on Executive jobs with the ability to select the Firm-Revenue or Firm-Headcount, as the independent variable on a peer group or broader market data. You will find the experience similar to Market Queries in both look and feel – however only executive jobs and filters can be selected. This feature is currently only available for the United States. To learn more about Executive Regression, please click here.


Other Updates and Enhancements
- "Energy Offshore" and "Energy Basin" Employee Filters have been added to Quick Benchmarks and Market Queries
- 62.5 and 37.5 percentiles have been added to custom data elements
- Zip filtering functionality has been added to peer groups

To learn about these enhancements in greater detail, please read our new article on the Radford Network Knowledge Base.

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