Platform Enhancements: Introducing the 2021 Job Matrix, Plus Global Workforce Analytics Data Refresh

Our latest code release went live over the weekend on the Radford Network. This release includes a completely revamped Job Matrix, built to take advantage of the Radford Platform's new job module system, expanded job catalog and new job codes. These updates to the Job Matrix include:

  • Optimized and Updated Layout: The UI for the 2021 Job Matrix has been updated and optimized for a better user experience.
  • Filters: Use the left side bar of the 2021 Job Matrix to narrow your job search by country, module, function or any combination of each.

  • Job Details: Clicking on a focus level will open a popup where you'll be able to view a detailed description containing the job's category, level and legacy codes. You will also be able to view the leveling details for management, professional and support roles.

  • Comparing Jobs: You can compare two jobs side by side and view their descriptions, categories and levels all on the same screen. Simply click on the compare boxes for the two jobs you want to compare and click "Compare".

  • Job Search: You can navigate our expanded job catalog by using the search bar and search by keyword, job title, job code or legacy job code. Searching for "Marketing" yields the following results.

  • Take a Tour: Experience the 2021 Job Matrix on your own or if at any time you need a refresher course on the new features, simply click on the Take a Tour button to open up the guide.

Other updates to the Radford Network include:

  • Global Workforce Analytics: The GWA platform has been updated with the February 2021 data refresh.
  • Updates to My Account: The layout of My Account has been overhauled so that you now see "cards" that display My Profile, My Input, My Aon Contacts and My Team. This updated UI consolidates all the information important to you onto a single page.

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