Platform Enhancements: Introducing Market Queries 2.0, Plus New Micro-Region Filters

Our latest code release went live over the weekend on the Radford Network. This release is one of our largest and most important for the Radford Network to date as it includes a completely revamped Market Queries tool complete with several new features to make it even more powerful and flexible than before. These updates to Market Queries include:

  • Optimized and Updated Layout: The UI for Market Queries has been updated and optimized for a better user experience.


  • Stepper Program: Upon running Market Queries, you will notice red highlights around the "Select a Query" box. This is to help guide new users on where they should start when first using the tool. After a step is completed, the red highlight will transfer to a new box indicating where you need to proceed next until you've created your breakout.

  • Job List: Under "Select Jobs" you will now find a new selection called "Job List". This feature gives you the ability to create, edit, duplicate and save your pre-defined job sets and use them in your queries.

  • Updated Popups: The Data Elements and Job List popups have been overhauled with a new look and feel along with the ability to edit, duplicate and save them both. When data is selected in a specfic category (for Data Elements) or function (for Job List), that specific category or function will be highlighted in red for indication.

  • Preview and Delete Data Elements: You can now preview the data elements selected on a pre-saved Data Element set by clicking on the icon in the Data Elements dropdown. You will now also get a warning before deleting a Data Element set listing the saved queries that were using that Data Element set, so you don't accidently delete a set that you are currently using.

  • Save a Market Query Without Running It: You are now able to save your market queries and breakouts without needing to run them first. 

  • Edit Breakouts: Breakouts can now be edited by clicking on the pencil icon on the right-hand side of the breakout. Previously, you had to delete and create a new breakout to make any edits.

  • Duplicate or Edit a Query Name: A Query name can now be duplicated or edited by clicking the icon next to the Query name.


Other updates to the Radford Network include:

  • New Micro-Regions: New micro-regions have been added to the Radford Global Technology and Radford Global Sales Surveys and can be accessed via Market Filters when using either the Quick Benchmarks or Market Queries tools. These regions include:
    US Regions Non-US Regions
    Detroit Metro BELGIUM - Brussels
    Houston, TX BELGIUM - Other Belgium
    Florida (state composite) DENMARK - Copenhagen
    Ohio (state composite) DENMARK - Other Denmark
    Raleigh/Durham, NC FINLAND - Helsinki
    Salt Lake City, UT FINLAND - Other Finland
      HUNGARY - Budapest
      HUNGARY - Other Hungary
      INDONESIA - Jabodetabek
      INDONESIA - Java (Excl. Jabodetabek)
      ISRAEL - Tel Aviv
      ISRAEL - Other Israel
      NETHERLANDS - Amsterdam
      NETHERLANDS - Other Netherlands
      NORWAY - Oslo
      NORWAY - Other Norway
      MEXICO - Guadalajara
      PHILIPPINES - Manila
      PHILIPPINES - Other Philippines
      SWEDEN - Stockholm
      SWEDEN - Other Sweden
      SWITZERLAND - Zurich
      SWITZERLAND - Other Switzerland
      TAIWAN - Taipei
      TAIWAN - Other Taiwan

  • Various other enhancements and bug fixes.

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