Labor Market Radar

Location Based & Real-Time Wage
Data for Your Hourly Workforce

Unlock the Precise Salary Data You Need to Attract
and Retain Your Hourly Workforce

Today, the hourly wage industry has never been more critical, and employers are looking for up-to-date market insights on jobs to attract and retain the talent they need to drive business forward. Primarily for hourly workers, Aon’s Labor Market Radar (LMR) tool enables organizations to keep abreast of how job growth and wage progression is changing within micro labor markets. Users can track wages regions by metropolitan area down to 6-digit zip location, with market job pricing data updated every 30 days.


Industry Specific Insights

The market for non-exempt and hourly employees is more dynamic and challenging than ever. Currently, we offer 4 industry-specific dashboards with tailored role categories to capture the needs of your organizations.


Roles Covered 
  • Store
  • Delivery
  • Fulfillment


Roles Covered 
  • Cook
  • Front of House
  • Back of House
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Cashier
  • Deliver Driver
  • AGM & GM
  • Worker/Team Member


Roles Covered 
  • Administration/ Support
  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Logistics/Distribution
  • Skilled Trades


Roles Covered 
  • Nurse
  • Nurse Practitioner & Physician Assistant
  • EMT & Paramedics
  • Laboratory
  • Imaging & Radiology
  • Rx

Explore Market Data with Precision

Wages are climbing rapidly across the entire U.S. market, yet differences of only a few miles can still have a dramatic impact on hourly wages. With Labor Market Radar, you can easily compare job openings and pay rates by ZIP code or within a defined radius of your key locations. What's more, you'll always see a blend of survey data and real-time information from job postings to ensure you have both robust and timely data to act on.


Monitor Labor Trends Over Time

Even as market conditions apply pressure on organizations to increase wages, making the case for change isn't always easy. Labor Market Radar allows you to view hourly wage and job opening data over 30-day, three-month, six-month, one-year and two-year timeframes using a rolling 24 month data set to quickly and easily illustrate today's dynamic market to business and HR decision-makers.

View Job Postings by Company

Our data is powered, in part, by real-time job postings, which you can view directly using the Labor Market Radar tool. See where your competitors are looking for talent, how many job openings they have, and how much they intend to pay. 

Labor Market Radar+

New for 2023, LMR+ provides instant access to wage and job posting data with your zip code and role inquiries saved for you in a single location for easy extraction. Data is updated every month – providing even faster accessibility to hourly wage data for the specific needs of your organization.


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