Here’s What You Need to Know About the Radford Platform in May

Hi colleague,

As we quickly approach the second half of the year, we’ve got many exciting updates to share with you this month – including fresh results from our popular 2022 Salary Increase and Turnover Study – First Edition, a reminder that our April publication of the Radford Global Compensation Database is live, and more – so let’s get started…

May 2022 Highlights

As a reminder, our April publication of the Radford Global Compensation Database, the final (and biggest!) quarterly publication of the 2021-2022 survey cycle, is live. For more on this publication, please read our latest publication release note, learn about the latest platform enhancements, and log in here to access fresh data on the Radford Network®.

In addition, we would like to remind you that our 2022-2023 renewal season is well underway. If you haven't already renewed, please do so as soon as possible. We’ve made several new and exciting updates for our upcoming survey cycle - including access to more data than ever on our unified platform, new jobs and market filters, and new features such as Location Analytics. We will work with your company's designated renewal contact to ensure you receive another year of access to market-leading data. If you'd like to get in touch with your sales account manager, please contact with questions.

Your Checklist

Each month, we share upcoming data collection due dates and/or available results. Here are a few highlights to be aware of in May:

  • Data Collection for the Radford Global Compensation Database is Open; Don't Forget to Submit if You Haven't Already! As a reminder, please note that the input materials are live. If you are your company’s primary contact, you should have received submission details.
  • Importantly, Results From the First Edition of the 2022 Salary Increase and Turnover Study Are Now Available! We are excited to share that those who participated in this important study can now access the results for which they are eligible on the Radford Network; details are below.

In addition, these market practice studies are also accepting submissions or will open soon:
  • The market practice study with the next due date is: The Employee Experience Study. Submissions are due by July 15, and please don’t forget to submit to both surveys that make up this study.
  • The Intern/New Graduate Survey and Pay Administration Survey are open. Submission due dates are shown on the Radford Network.
  • The Short- and Long-Term Incentive Design Study is open. Submission due dates are shown on the Radford Network. 
  • The Car Policies Survey and Paid Time-Off Survey are open. Submissions are due by Oct. 14. 
  • The Sales Incentive Practices Study is open. Submissions are due by August 15. 
  • Our popular 2022 Salary Increase and Turnover Study - Second Edition is set to open the first week of June, so mark your calendars!

Simply visit your survey input page to find up-to-date compensation data and market practice study submission windows and to check in on your participation status.

To access market practice study results for which you’re eligible, including the 2022 Salary Increase and Turnover Study - First Edition, please log into the Radford Network with your credentials and, once on the homepage, click on the Data tab in the navigation bar and select Market Practices. You can then select the corresponding tab.

Training Resources and Support 

Before we dive in, we are excited to invite you to be a part of something important by helping to shape the future of client support experiences for Radford Global Compensation Database processes — for you and all your peers! Simply click here to take a short 5-minute anonymous survey to help us understand how to make your interactions with us — from onboarding to input to renewal — as easy and seamless as possible.

Next, our Radford Network Knowledge Base is available for you to intuitively search for input and output resources, network tools, training videos such as our updated Input Overview and Job Matching Overview videos, webinars and more. And, of course, you can always log into the Radford Network at any time to access even more training resources, webinars and videos

For clients that have purchased Peer Group functionality, you can now create, save and run peer group reports on-demand inside the Radford Network. After creating peer groups in the peer group library you can access peer group information through Market Queries, alongside your standard industry- and country-based reports. To get started using this exciting new feature, you can visit the new Radford Network Knowledge Base at any time and search for “Peer Group” to access training videos and FAQs. We would also like to remind you that your peer groups may be eligible for a refresh following our latest publication update. 

As always, don’t hesitate to contact your survey consultant, with any questions about the Radford Network or the Radford Global Compensation Database.

Thank you,
The Radford Platform Team

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