Here’s What You Need to Know About the Radford Platform in July

Hi colleague,

In this edition, we are excited to give you a sneak preview of what to expect from our upcoming July publication, which is right around the corner, as well as get you up to speed on everything related to the Radford platform (including fresh results from our Intern, New Graduate Survey and Pay Administration Study). Let’s get started...

July 2022 Highlights

Here are a few highlights to be aware of right now:

  • Our July Publication is Right Around the Corner! Our July publication, our first quarterly publication of the 2022-2023 survey cycle, will be released soon. As always, we will reach out with a separate communication to notify you once the publication is live and share details on how you can access the publication, release notes and more. We are excited to share with you a preview of upcoming enhancements like our new Location Analytics tool, an easier way to share queries, new/updated market filters, and more in this release note.
  • Data Collection for the Radford Global Compensation Database is Still Open; Don't Forget to Submit if You Haven't Already! As a reminder, input materials are live, and if you are your company’s primary contact, you should have received submission details.

Your Checklist

We invite you to maximize your partnership with us by joining one or more of the following market practice studies that are open for participation. If you haven’t submitted your data, please do by the submission due dates in order to receive complimentary results:

  • Last Chance to Participate in Our 2022 Salary Increase and Turnover Study - Second Edition! Due to popular demand we are extending the due date until July 22 to ensure all participants have ample time to provide a complete and timely submission. To get started, simply log into the Radford Network® with your credentials and, once on the homepage, click on the Input tab in the navigation bar and select the Salary Increase/Turnover – Ed 2 card. Results will be published in September.
  • The Employee Experience SurveyandSeverance and Change-In-Control Survey have been extended due to popular demand. Final submissions are due by July 29.
  • The Sales Incentive Practices Study is open. Submissions are due by August 15.
  • The Car Policies Survey and Paid Time-Off Survey are open. Submissions are due by Oct. 14.
  • The Intern/New Graduate Survey and Pay Administration Survey are open. Submission due dates are shown on the Radford Network.
  • The Short- and Long-Term Incentive Design Study is open. Submission due dates are shown on the Radford Network.

Simply visit your survey input page to find up-to-date compensation data and market practice study submission windows and to check in on your participation status.

As we’ve mentioned above, we are happy to share that fresh results from our Intern, New Graduate Study and Pay Administration Study will be available at the end of July to those who have participated.

To access market practice study results for which you’re eligible, including the 2022 Salary Increase and Turnover Study – First Edition, please log into the Radford Network with your credentials and once on the homepage, click on the Data tab in the navigation bar and select Market Practices. You can then select the corresponding tab.

Important Update on Russia Data

We would like to make you aware that we have made a decision to not publish market data for the Russia market starting with the 2022-2023 July publication, and until further notice. This decision was not made lightly. The combination of the evolving sanctions environment and decisions being made by international firms regarding their continued operations in Russia - against the backdrop of the ongoing situation in Russia and Ukraine — has created an uncertain business, HR and compensation environment, which means we would be unable to guarantee the quality of data. If you are a client that will be directly impacted by this decision, your sales account manager will be following up with you shortly to discuss your options.

Training Resources and Support

You can bookmark our Radford Network Knowledge Base to easily access it at any time to search for input and output resources, network tools, training videos, and more. For example, we have webinar recordings including "Network Tour", "Quick Benchmarks and Job Matrix", and "Market Queries and Peer Groups." We also have a number of new articles to read like our "Client Insights and Communications" article. Of course you can always log into the Radford Network to access even more resources— like our recently updated "Input Overview" and "Job Matching Overview" videos.

For clients that have purchased Peer Group functionality, you can now create, save and run peer group reports on-demand inside the Radford Network. After creating peer groups in the peer group library you can access peer group information through Market Queries, alongside your standard industry- and country-based reports. To get started using this exciting new feature, you can visit the new Radford Network Knowledge Base at any time and search for “Peer Group” to access training videos and FAQs. We would also like to remind you that your peer groups may be eligible for a refresh following our latest publication update.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact your survey consultant, with any questions about the Radford Network or the Radford Global Compensation Database.

Thank you,
The Radford Platform Team

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