Equity Award

Our team of actuaries and valuation specialists take the guesswork out of valuing equity awards — from stock options to complex performance-based vehicles. We produce audit-ready results that are both mathematically sound and designed to maximize your investment in equity compensation.

Equity Award

We understand the many complex and diverse accounting challenges associated with ASC Topic 718 and IFRS 2 compliance, and work closely with our clients to develop equity accounting and reporting solutions that are custom-fit to align with their existing tools and capabilities.

Relative TSR
& PeerTracker

As shareholders continue to push for tighter links between pay and performance, Relative TSR plans have surged in popularity. We work with hundreds of clients annually to help them design, implement, manage and value Relative TSR awards that drive peak performance and achieve cost savings.

Holding Period

The number of companies adopting mandatory post-vest holdings periods for equity awards is on the rise. While most holding periods are put in place with corporate governance aims in mind, holding periods can provide accounting cost savings that most companies never fully realize.

280G Parachute

Our valuation specialists understand the difficulties involved in calculating accurate change-in-control payouts, especially when IRC Section 280G is involved. We help clients assess their executive agreements, equity plan documents and current equity awards to ensure compliant calculations.

Equity Education

Equity awards are often only as effective as the communications tools put in place around them. Our video production practice, bendystraw, has the creativity and experience you need to craft highly-customized employee education videos that drive understanding and performance.