It's time to view your shareholders as partners, not adversaries. Getting there requires a deep understanding of their interests and policies, along with open channels of communication. We work with boards to create annual outreach strategies that build trust over the long run.

Share Request

All forms of stock-based compensation are under an increasingly powerful microscope, making it as challenging as ever to achieve share request success. Our experts partner with clients to help them navigate the maze of proxy advisor policies and investor guidelines that influence plan design.


No one wants to be publicly scolded for having a broken approach to pay-for-performance. We work with clients to mitigate Say-on-Pay risk by giving companies the tools they need to assess multiple pay for performance outcomes in advance, on both a quantitative and qualitative basis.

Equity Plan

Most equity plans are designed to last ten years. When you're looking that far ahead, you can't afford to overlook the details. With a diverse team of governance, rewards and valuation experts, we help clients consider every angle—allowing them to create plans that meet current and future needs.

Proxy & CD&A

Crafting an effective CD&A is a difficult process, and the bar only seems to get higher each year. Our team, leveraging years of experience at investment and proxy advisory firms, works with clients to meet the expectations of increasingly engaged and sophisticated investor audiences.

Governance Policy

Building a holistic approach to corporate governance can literally span hundreds of distinct policies. We regularly conduct governance audits on behalf of our clients to ensure their programs remain aligned with best practices and the requirements of proxy advisors and investors.