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Engagement is the emotional and intellectual involvement that motivates employees to do their best. Our data shows engaged employees deliver greater productivity, better customer service, superior products, and more innovative solutions. It’s time to make engagement a top priority. 

Listen, Learn and Act

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"Our employees expect to have a voice, and we truly want to harness their passion and feedback."

We know engagement matters. We have millions of data points from around the globe to prove it. That's why we’re on a mission to help our clients build highly engaged workforces and workplaces through measurement, continuous listening, and action.

  • Employee Engagement Surveys – We believe that what matters must get measured. Engagement is a key measure of the resilience and sustainability of your organization, so we partner with organizations to measure their engagement levels through our survey tools. We provide you with extensive analysis, reporting and insights that prepare you to take action.
  • Continuous Listening – Measurement should not be a one-and-done exercise, and frankly, it's common sense that measuring engagement once a year isn’t enough. With today’s pace of change, successful companies understand the value of continuously listening to their people. Through our continuous listening technology we can help you gather feedback across the employee lifecycle, including feedback from new employees, pulse surveys, performance discussions, exit surveys and more.
  • Engagement Interventions – What happens if you survey engagement levels but don’t act? Nothing. In fact, surveys followed by inaction make matters worse. There is nothing we love more than helping our clients take the insights they glean through our engagement surveys and continuous listening technology to take meaningful action. Often, you need to start with a deeper dive into the root causes of key issues. That’s where our expert qualitative analysis comes in. Whether you learn you need greater visibility into career opportunities, leaders who are better equipped to manage through change or a complete culture re-boot, we can help. We work with you to crystalize insights, identify priorities, create a plan of action, and get going.
  • Performance Management Design – If there’s one thing we know for sure, how you manage performance in your organization has a profound impact on employee engagement (our engagement research tells us it’s the second most important engagement driver). And while performance management fads may come and go, the one truth that remains is your performance management approach needs to be fit-for-purpose. We help our clients clarify and align that purpose with their business strategy, and then design an approach to managing performance that makes sense for them.