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Radford Workforce Analytics

People are your most valuable asset, and your business leaders know it. They are hungry for data-driven insights that will help them win the race for top talent and drive business growth. Our analytics empower HR leaders to own the conversation around talent like never before.

Analytics at Scale

Radford's Workforce Analytics platform leverages the global scale and architecture of our surveys to deliver comprehensive organizational metrics. Many of the world's most innovative companies now rely on insights from our Workforce Analytics to develop their future workforce strategies. Today, our platform spans data on:



Countries with
Reported Results

Billion in
Compensation Spend

People Analytics

Successful organizations understand the value of putting the right talent in the right place at the right time. Our analytics point decision-makers in the right direction by offering insights — both internally and relative to the market—on key workforce issues, including:

  • Talent distribution across regions and functions
  • Management span of control
  • Balancing headcount across job roles and functions
  • Organizational structure and leveling
  • Sales function design and deployment

Spend Analytics

We allow clients to go beyond traditional benchmarking to understand the true impact of compensation, which is often a company's single largest expense. We help leaders quantify where and how their money is spent, both on an internal basis and against key competitors in the market. Our work includes analyzing:

  • Total spend on base pay, short-term incentives and long-term incentives by region and function
  • The mix of pay elements and overall compensation spend by function and job level
  • Compensation cost relative to key financial performance metrics
  • The allocation of real equity spend across technical and non-technical job roles
  • Sales force productivity and revenue vs. spend metrics

Business Transformation

Change goes hand-in-hand with innovation; if you can't change, you probably can't innovate. Our analytics provide clients with the in-depth information they need to chart their company's future. Today, we help clients understand:

  • Talent availability by region, including variations in talent cost by locale
  • Workforce integration opportunities and challenges related to mergers and acquisitions
  • Job and role relationship modeling

Global Insights

New opportunities for your business are everywhere, but the farther you stretch, the harder it can be to get reliable compensation data. Radford has what you need to navigate an ever-expanding map of talent and business opportunities, including:

  • Cash compensation benchmarks for more than 60 emerging market
  • Global trending information on long-term incentive practices, salary budgets, turnover rates and more
  • Regulatory guidance on changes to HR and compensation laws in more than 80 countries

Additional Resources

Clients who qualify to join the Radford Workforce Analytics platform also receive access to the Analytics Portal on the Radford Network®. Through this portal, clients can use and view a number of complimentary resources and reports, including:

  • Radford Workforce Analytics Industry Summary Reports
  • Radford Workforce Analytics Multi-Quarter Trends Reports
  • Global Emerging Markets Supplement Reports
  • Aon Hewitt e-Guides Country Profiles Monthly Summary Reports

Analytics Pricing, Access & Support

Participation in the Radford Workforce Analytics platform is complimentary for survey participants who provide Radford with a "full census" survey submission (i.e., an annual survey submission including data for all employees in all functions in all locations). Typically, this requires a company to participate in the Radford Global Technology Survey and the Radford Global Sales Survey or the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey and the Radford Global Sales Survey. Once a full census submission is received and approved, access to the Analytics Portal on the Radford Network is granted.

Most Radford Workforce Analytics participants also work directly with our analytics team to create custom "you vs. market" reporting solutions for their business, covering a variety of workforce distribution, workforce modeling and global compensation spend issues. To learn more about pricing for analytics reports and services, please click here.

Ready to learn more? Contact our team today to receive a short overview and demo of Radford's survey capabilities.