A Story of Growth & Innovation

The case for renewing your Radford Survey participation has never been stronger. Here’s how we continue to add value to your subscription.


1. The New Radford Network®

With the retirement of the classic Radford Network earlier this month, the new Radford Network is now your home base for all things Radford. Featuring a fully dynamic reporting engine, the new Radford Network allows you to access our market-leading compensation data with more power and flexibility than ever before. What's more, many clients quickly discover they no longer need to order custom reports for a fee once they begin to use our Quick Benchmarks and Market Queries tools.

Recent Feature Updates

Work on the new Radford Network never ceases. Whether it's new features, improved functionality or simply a bug fix, several important enhancements to the new Radford Network were made over the past several months. Here are few choice highlights:

Global Workforce Metrics Dashboard
Back in May, we launched our brand new Global Workforce Metrics Dashboard, which is available for full-census clients participating in our "GWA" program. This tool, the first on our emerging analytics platform, gives clients the ability to compare the distribution of their people and compensation spend against the market. Clients can also filter data and drill-down on the fly. To learn more, read our release notes on it here.

Average Value of Data in Chart-View
In the Quick Benchmarks tool, the "chart-view" now gives the ability to toggle on the average of the data. By default, the average is toggled off; however these percentile and average "dots" on the chart can be toggled on or off by clicking on the specific percentile or average you want to have or not have displayed. To learn more, read our release notes on it here.

New Market Filters and Improved Calculation Engine
When using the Quick Benchmarks or Market Queries tools, we've added several additional revenue buckets above $5.0B up to $50.0B-plus to help clients be more precise when using revenue filters. Similarly, we've added the Automotive industry (can be found under Other Technology) as a new market filter on these tools. Companies in the automotive industry that were previously listed in another industry have been updated to reflect the new industry filter.

On the infrastructure side, we updated our calculation engine that significantly improved the speed of all reporting tools. On average, you will notice your reports will be ready anywhere from 5 to 20 times faster than before. To read all about it, click here.

Market Queries 2.0

The new Radford Network's powerhouse tool has gone through an exciting overhaul that added several new features to make it even more powerful and flexible than before. Here's a preview of what you can expect from our updated Market Queries tool.


Custom Job List and Data Elements
We've added the ability to create custom job lists in Market Queries. With this change, you'll be able to select a set of jobs that you can then use over and over again. The same goes for data elements; once you create your own customized set, you can use it for future queries.

Saving and Editing Breakouts
Along with creating customized job lists and data element sets, you will be able to edit, update and rename your breakouts. Previously, these features were not available and you would need to delete breakouts and create new ones to make changes.

New Optimized Layout
Designed to be more user-friendly, the new Market Queries layout sports a completely new look to go along with its updated features. This allows clients to define queries in a more intuitive manner.

Additional Training

With the Classic Radford Network now retired, some of you may still be trying to acclimate to the new interface and features of the New Radford Network. To help you reap the full benefits of the New Radford Network and how to best navigate and utilize our improved survey platform, we are offering a number of live training webinars. Topics covered include:

  • New User Training
  • A Tour of the New Radford Network
  • Dynamic Job Matrix and Job Matching
  • Transitioning from the Classic to New Radford Network
  • Making the Most of Radford Data, part 1
  • Making the Most of Radford Data, part 2
  • How to Input

To see webinar dates and register for any of the above, click here or contact your survey consultant.

2. Survey Database Growth

As the technology and life sciences sectors continue to evolve, along with a growing number of adjacent sectors like media and retail, Radford remains highly focused on seeking out the world's next great wave of innovative companies. To this end, we've added hundreds of new clients to our global databases in the last five years.

New Company Additions

Radford continues to build upon its foundation of strength in the technology and life sciences sectors, adding 574, 386 and 174 organizations respectively to the published databases of the Radford Global Technology Survey, the Radford Global Sales Survey and the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey since the start of 2015.

This rate of growth shows no signs of slowing. Between January and September 2019, more than 800 new companies enrolled to join one or more Radford surveys in 2019 and/or 2020.

Number of Participating Organizations in Radford Surveys

Growing Incumbent Counts

As the number of participating organizations grows, so too does the number of incumbents matched to benchmark job codes. Since the start of 2015, incumbent counts for the Radford Global Technology Survey, the Radford Global Sales Survey and the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey have climbed by 34%, 38% and 72%, respectively.

These figures do not include more than a million additional incumbents now matched to our supplemental "GWA job codes" every year for the purposes of calculating workforce metrics.


Number of Incumbents in Benchmark Jobs

3. Expanding Global Coverage

Beyond growing the overall size of Radford's surveys, we've also made a concerted effort to further globalize our databases by attracting more locally headquartered companies in Asia-Pacific and Europe, and by encouraging existing clients to provide full census data for their operations around the world. As a result, across all three of our global surveys, we see a greater and greater share of incumbents based outside the United States.


56% of the Radford Global Technology Survey incumbents are based outside of the United States. Explore the map below to view detailed incumbent and participant counts.


Distribution of Radford Global Technology Survey Participants


Industry Distribution

Employee Headcount Distribution


57% of the Radford Global Sales Survey incumbents are based outside of the United States. Explore the map below to view detailed incumbent and participant counts.


Distribution of Radford Global Sales Survey Participants


Industry Distribution

Employee Headcount Distribution


45% of the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey incumbents are based outside of the United States. Explore the map below to view detailed incumbent and participant counts.


Distribution of Radford Global Life Sciences Survey Participants


Industry Distribution

Employee Headcount Distribution

4. New Survey Jobs and Market Filters

More is Better

With the power and flexibility of the new Radford Network now in the hands of our clients, we've begun to take a more liberal approach to job family and market filter additions in our surveys. Historically, we only added jobs and market breakouts when we had enough data to publish results. Now we're taking a forward-looking approach and plan to add one hundred-plus job families and tens of new market filters over the course of 2019 and 2020 knowing that clients can leverage our dynamic reporting engine to quickly see where data exists and where it does not. And with each subsequent publication, the new job families and filters we're adding today will quickly begin to yield stronger and stronger results.

2019 Job Family Additions


Radford Global Technology Survey: We added more than 40 jobs families to our core technology databases this year, including a new retail-oriented functional area.

General Management
Executive Advisor

Demand Planning Mgmt
Demand Planner

Product Development - Media Content
Concept Artist

Finance and Administration
Learning Mgmt Systems (LMS) Mgmt
Learning Mgmt Systems (LMS) Administrator
Travel Analyst

Human Resources
Top HR Shared Services Executive - Global
HR Shared Services Executive
HR Shared Services Mgmt
HR Shared Services Representative
Strategic Workforce Planning Mgmt
Labor Relations Mgmt
Labor Relations Specialist

Information Technology - MIS
Threat Hunting Mgmt
Threat Hunting Specialist

Marketing/Business Development
Top Brand Executive - Global
Brand Executive
Top Market Research Executive - Global
Market Research Executive
Top Online Marketing Executive - Global
Online Marketing Executive
Top Social Media Executive - Global
Social Media Executive
User Experience Research Mgmt
User Experience Researcher

Top Call Center Executive - Global
Call Center Executive

Life Sciences/Medical Devices
Bioinformatics Engineer

Top Retail Store Executive - Global
Retail Store Executive 7-8 Retail Store Mgmt
Retail Store Operations Mgmt
Retail Store Representative/Mgr
Retail Store Associate
Retail Product Specialist
Stock Clerk
File Maintenance Coordinator
Top Merchandise Executive - Global
Merchandise Executive 7-8
Merchandising Mgmt
Merchandising Support
Retail Buyer


Radford Global Sales Survey: We added 12 jobs families to our core life sciences databases this year, including Bioinformatics and Machine Learning engineers.

Sales Management
Sales Enablement Executive – VP Level
Sales Enablement Executive – SVP Level
Sales Enablement Management
Sales Enablement Professional
Deal Desk Management
Deal Desk Analyst

Business Development/Marketing/Sales Support
Customer Direct Sales Representative
Sales Representative - Generalist


Radford Global Life Sciences Survey: We added 8 jobs families to our core sales databases this year, including Sales Enablement and Deal Desk roles.

General Management
Executive Advisor

Business Development/Marketing/Sales Support
Top Brand Executive - Global
Brand Executive
Brand Management
Brand Specialist/Mgr
Top Market Research Executive - Global
Market Research Executive
Research/Development (Pre-Clinical)
Bioinformatics Engineer

Process Development/Manufacturing/Production
Machine Learning Engrg Mgmt
Machine Learning Engineer

Administrative/Human Resources
HR Shared Services Mgmt
HR Shared Services Representative

Preview of 2020 Job Family Additions

In 2020, we plan to make significant job family additions in a number of areas where the lines between the technology sector and other industries continue to blur. For example, to support our clients in the gaming, entertainment and media industries, we plan to add 60-plus job families as follows:

Media & Gaming
Broadcast Executive
Broadcast Producer
Broadcast Production Coordinator
Broadcast Production Engineer
Broadcast Production Mgmt
Camera Operator
Casting Director
Chief Creative Officer – Global
Content Acquisition Analyst
Content Acquisition Mgmt
Content Writer
Content Writing Mgmt
Copy Editing Mgmt
Copy Editor
Creative Executive
Dialogue/Voice Direction Mgmt
Dialogue/Voice Director
Editing Assistant
Editing Executive
Editor in Chief – Global
eSports League Mgr
eSports Mgmt
eSports Player Relations Mgr
Game Economy Designer
Game Level Designer
Gameplay Analyst
Gameplay Analytics Mgmt
Licensing Mgmt
Licensing Mgr
Live Event Production Mgmt
Live Event Production Mgr
Media Scheduler
Media Scheduling Mgmt
Media Talent Mgmt
Media Talent Mgr
Photography Assistant
Photography Editor
Production Design Mgmt
Production Designer
Technical Artist
Technical Game Designer
Top Broadcast Executive – Global
User Interface Artist
Video Editor

Copywriting Mgmt
Sponsorship Mgmt
Sponsorship Mgr
User Acquisition Analyst
User Acquisition Mgmt

Product Development
Digital Asset Mgmt
Digital Asset Mgr
Language/Localization Mgmt
UI/UX Design Mgmt
UI/UX Designer

New Market Filters for 2019

The January 2020 Radford Surveys publication will have new regional filters added to the Data Generator. In the past, you might have referred to or known these filters as "breakouts". Starting with the Radford Global Technology Survey, these regional filters will include:

U.S. Additions
Salt Lake City, UT
Raleigh/Durham, NC
Detroit Metro
Houston, TX

Global Additions
Belgium – Other Belgium
Belgium – Brussels
Denmark – Other Denmark
Denmark – Copenhagen
Finland – Other Finland
Finland – Helsinki
Hungary – Other Hungary
Hungary – Budapest
Indonesia – Jabodetabek
Indonesia – Java (excluding Jabodetabek)
Indonesia – Outside Java
Indonesia – Other Indonesia
Israel – Other Israel
Israel – Tel Aviv
Netherlands – Other Netherlands
Netherlands – Amsterdam
Norway – Other Norway
Norway – Oslo
Mexico – Guadalajara
Philippines – Other Philippines
Philippines – Manila
Sweden – Other Sweden
Sweden – Stockholm
Switzerland – Other Switzerland
Switzerland – Zurich
Taiwan – Other Taiwan
Taiwan – Tapei

5. Practices Survey Transformation

Years of working with thousands of innovative technology and life sciences firms have given us a great deal of insight into what our clients care about most when it comes to attracting, retaining and motivating talent. So, we're excited to announce that starting in 2020, we're releasing a revamped suite of our plan design practices studies designed to answer your most pressing issues. Comprised of 5 separate studies, each study within the suite will be conducted online during the year with standard results provided to companies submitting complete data at no additional cost. The full practices suite will cover:

Salary Increase and Turnover Study

Taking pay increase and labor market data from both the Radford Trends Report and the Aon Salary Increase Surveys, our new survey combines the best of both worlds. Conducted semi-annually (a change from quarterly for users of the Radford Trends Report and annually for users of the Salary Increase Survey), this survey will give participants extensive country specific coverage of salary increase budgets and actuals for the technology and life sciences sectors as well as tech-influenced general industry companies. Additional topics covered will include: turnover, hiring plans, performance management, pay for performance effectiveness, promotion practices and more.

Short- and Long-Term Incentive Design Study

Designed to be the perfect companion piece to compensation surveys, our Incentives Survey will cover both short-term and long-term incentive topics for plans offered around the world, including eligibility, recipients and plan design criteria for cash incentive plans. Other topics include: include formal bonuses, profit sharing, discretionary and sales plans, cash LTI, and equity plans including stock options, restricted stock, employee stock purchase plans and more. This survey will be published semi-annually, with a regularly updated database available for use when ordering a Custom/Peer Report.

Intern, New Graduate and Pay Administration Study

In today's hot labor market, attracting employees is critically important. Whether recruiting new grads, especially those out of high demand programs, or trying to fill jobs requiring key skills, candidates have many options and are eager to prove their worth. This annual survey covers new hire pay guidelines for new college grads with a bachelor, master or doctorate degree, as well as internship candidates at different levels on their education journey. Our New Grad/Base Salary Survey will also help when forming an offer for experienced hires, with the application of tools like salary ranges, market-based pay, geo pay plans, fixed overtime, sign on bonuses, referral bonuses, on-call pay and shift differentials.

Allowances and Paid Leave Study

Base salaries and incentives are only the beginning when designing effective pay programs. As companies continue to expand their global reach, it becomes more critical to understand leave and allowances policies around the world. Whether you need to relocate an employee to another country or need to hire locally, this annual survey will provide you with insight into allowances topics, including: car/auto, house, meal and other globally prevalent allowances. Leave topics include: maternity/paternity leave, annual leave, vacation/sick days, holidays, sabbaticals and other paid leave. This survey also covers company car policy and executive perquisites.

Employee Experience Study

It can be argued that your company's culture might be even more important than company strategy in building employee engagement and enthusiasm. After all, employees that fit in well with the company and believe in its values will be more productive than someone who doesn't. Our annual Employee Experience Survey covers all the party-talk items that make a firm unique including: recognition, training/learning, wellness, flexibility, mobility, matching gifts, food and snacks, work environment, green policies, pet policies and more. Change in control policies and severance benefits are also covered in this survey.

With the upcoming launch of the new suite of practices surveys, the Radford Trends Report and the Radford U.S. Benefits Survey as currently constructed, will be discontinued and their data integrated into one of more of our new surveys. In addition, many of the Trends Hot Topics will now be surveyed annually in one of our new products. Survey names and topic area details remain subject to change. We will continue to provide more information about our new practices suite in the coming weeks and months. If you have any questions, please contact your survey consultant.

What's New at Radford Heading Into 2020?

Many of our clients have worked with us for years, but we don't take any of your business for granted. Here's how we're working hard to maintain our position of leadership in the technology and life sciences sectors, plus several new market segments as the lines between industries continue to blur.

  1. The New Radford Network®
  2. Survey Database Growth
  3. Expanding Global Coverage
  4. New Survey Jobs and Market Filters
  5. Practices Survey Transformation
  6. Benefits Survey Transformation

6. Benefits Survey Transformation

Starting in 2020, the Radford U.S. Benefits Survey will be delivered on Aon's Benefit SpecSelectTM platform. This change will provide Radford clients with added insights on a far more dynamic reporting system. Importantly, given the unique needs of technology and life sciences companies, we've worked to create a customized Benefit SpecSelect site for Radford clients, which is available for a low, all-in price of $3,500. Clients will also have an option to explore access to the full Benefit SpecSelect platform, featuring data across all industries, if they choose.

Key benefits of this change include:

  • While the Benefit SpecSelect platform requires companies to provide additional submission materials, Aon's benefits team works directly with all participants to support the submission process, including filling out submission materials.
  • The Benefits SpecSelect platform offers an online reporting environment where clients can access data on-the-fly vs. downloading static PDF reports
  • All clients will have the ability to run an unlimited number of custom reports on the Benefit SpecSelect platform, which features targeted reporting options well beyond what Radford has traditionally offered.

Covered benefits areas include:

  • Health care (including active medical, prescription drugs, dental, vision, hearing, and retiree medical)
  • Retirement income plans (including defined benefit and defined contribution programs)
  • Disability (short-term and long-term)
  • Death benefits (including group life, survivor benefits, and retiree life)
  • Paid leave (including sick leave, holidays, vacations, PTO banks, parental leave, and more)
  • Work/life and voluntary benefits

Benefit SpecSelect also allows clients to answer important trend questions, including:

  • What are employers charging employees for health care coverage?
  • How many employers have added parental leave programs?
  • How prevalent are PTO programs?
  • What are employers doing with retirement income plans?

To express interest in learning more or to order your 2020 benefits survey, visit the Additional Products page of this site and check the Benefit SpecSelect for Radford Clients box to request a follow-up conversation with our team.

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