Innovation in Action

The beta edition of the new Radford Network® has arrived.
Here's what you need to know now, and what to expect later this year.

What's New?

  • A Fresh Start – Entirely re-engineered from the ground up, the new Radford Network features a streamlined user experience, enhanced data visualizations, and a significantly more powerful Data Generator. After receiving access to the beta edition of the new Radford Network, you'll instantly be able to use Radford survey results with more flexibility and specificity than ever before.
  • Making Change Easy – While we're incredibly excited to begin sharing the new Radford Network with you, we know change can be hard. That’s why we plan to deploy features to the new Radford Network throughout 2017 and 2018, giving you time to acclimate to our new portal. During this time, the current, or “classic,” Radford Network will remain fully supported.

When Will I Get Access?

  • Rollout Timing – All clients in good standing with Radford and with active access to the Radford Global Technology Survey, the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey and/or the Radford Global Sales Survey now have access to the beta edition of the new Radford Network. New participants enrolling in 2018 will receive access as soon as they are eligible to view survey results, which will vary from client to client based on when they submit data.
  • Check Your Status – If you are unsure if your company has access to the beta edition of the new Radford Network, check-in with our team by writing to

What Should I Look For?

  • Welcome Email – When access to the beta edition of the new Radford Network is granted to your company, you and your team will receive individual welcome emails inviting you to log in. From there, you'll immediately get to use our new, fully redesigned Data Generator.
  • Regular Updates – We'll keep you informed as more features, including custom reporting and enhanced workforce trends outputs arrive. And again, all clients will retain access to the classic Radford Network as development continues. This will give you plenty of time to explore our new portal until the retirement of the classic Radford Network.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I log in and use the beta edition of the new Radford Network now?
    Yes. If you've received a welcome email with log in credentials specifically for the beta edition of the new Radford Network, you can begin using the portal right now. Importantly, your log in credentials for the "classic" Radford Network are different and will NOT work for the new Radford Network.

  • Can I have the same log in credentials for the new Radford Network and the classic Radford Network?
    No. Due to system requirements, your log in credentials for the new and classic Radford Networks must be different. Of note, the new Radford Network allows clients to manage passwords on their own, so you can update your password any time. 

  • I don't have log in credentials yet. Can I get a sneak peek of the new Radford Network?
    Yes! We encourage you to watch our launch video for the new Radford Network here. To learn even more, watch our tutorial videos on running your first query in the new Data Generator, using market filters, and downloading all jobs in a target market.

  • At a high level, how is the new Data Generator different from the classic Data Generator?
    The new Data Generator features a fully redesigned user experience and a new back-end database. In contrast to the classic Data Generator, which only allows clients to pick from pre-defined “market breakouts,” the new Data Generator allows clients to mix numerous “market filters” to create custom views of the market on the fly. Every market breakout available in the classic Data Generator can be recreated in the new Data Generator, but these views of the market can now be edited, combined and refined in ways that were previously not possible.