Competitive Assessment

Use the Radford Network® to see where your
people stand in today's competitive market


Coming Soon in 2022

When it comes to compensation, it's never good to be reactive. Now, you can leverage the Radford Network to proactively identify, manage, and address rewards challenges across your entire organization. Learn how below.



New Features

Coming soon in 2022, participants in the Radford Global Compensation Database will be able to purchase our new add-on Competitive Assessment feature for the Radford Network. Key capabilities include:

Dynamic report setup, enabling compensation and HR pros to easily review cash and equity pay against multiple competitive markets

  • Built-in stakeholder highlights so you can easily share and address large compensation gaps by job function, level, and location
  • Drill-down capabilities so you can view macro trends across your entire organization or see data for one employee at a time

Advanced competitive market settings so you can view information across locations using common company metrics or peer groups

Scenario planning tools to build and test multiple compensation and workforce planning options before you submit a business case

Instant integration to your Radford Global Compensation Database subscription so you can use the market-leading data across all your work


A Fully Integrated Experience

The Radford Global Compensation Database is already your source of truth for compensation data. Now its time to make it your daily partner for making better workforce decisions.

  • Ensure your pay is competitive with the market
  • Spot pay-gap anomalies at a macro and individual level
  • Identify potential attrition risks before it’s too late


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