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Radford Newsletter | July 2018

Most people don’t think about executive pay in the summer months, but as our feature article shows, it’s never too early to start your executive compensation planning cycle. And speaking of C-suite pay, our next article leverages data to highlight CEO pay ratio results by industry, including technology and life sciences companies. Finally, we delve into how European life sciences companies listed on US exchanges are forging an exciting middle ground in pan-Atlantic equity strategy.

Executive Compensation Summer Checklist: Take Steps Now to Prepare for Your Year-End  

Are you looking for some ways to reduce the stress of your next executive compensation planning cycle? Follow our summertime executive compensation checklist to discover three important tasks you can take care of now to make your Q3 and Q4 far less hectic. 
CEO Pay Ratios Are In. Here’s What We’ve Learned So Far

The first year of CEO pay ratio disclosures are in for most public companies. We look at ratios by company size and industry as well as highlight several key findings for the technology and life sciences sectors that will be helpful as companies think about how this new data could be used by stakeholders in the future.
Life sciences companies headquartered in Europe have long used less equity compensation than their US peers. However, as more European companies list on US stock exchanges, and at earlier stages in their development cycles, a middle ground is emerging.

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The 2018 Aon Global Long-Term Incentive Policies and Practices Survey will look at how multinational companies are changing their global LTI program strategies and designs in reaction to continued globalization, financial statement impact on equity awards, tax efficiencies, and shareholder emphasis on performance awards. Participation is open until August 31. All survey participants will receive a free report summarizing the results. 

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Getting Ready for the Era of Pay Transparency

As technology allows for more information sharing, access to crowdsourced pay data has proliferated; employees now have easy access to pay data that was once top-secret. Employees accessing and discussing their compensation and others’ openly is not only losing its taboo, it’s trending. Companies need to be ready to respond. Here are four key steps to addressing pay transparency at your company.

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Beyond the Bottom Line: Why Companies Are Focused on Social Impact

Corporate strategy in two areas – investment decisions and overall employer brand – demonstrate how companies have aligned their organizations with their overall corporate impact. Such alignment with a greater good also carries impact related to how an organization prioritizes innovation to create a better world. 

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