Wealth After an IPO Can Cause Employees to Go

Radford Associate Partner Brett Harsen provides commentary on the challenges faced by recently public companies as they seek to retain key employees after an IPO. Beyond compensation, companies should also plan ahead for post-offering management training, career path development and HR systems.

Source: Workforce Management

For Tech's Elite, Mobile Gaming Is a Big Play

As mobile and social gaming grow in prominence, hiring in the sector is also gaining steam. In this Wall Street Journal story on the rising tide of gaming company investments, Radford provides new data on the hiring outlook for gaming and entertainment companies in the technology sector.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Leveling Pay on a Global Scale

Radford Associate Partner Brett Harsen discusses the challenges of implementing global leveling systems for job titles and compensation on the heels of a new study showing more companies are moving to adopt such global standards.

Source: Human Resource Executive Magazine

GCs Find Options Never Go Out of Style

Radford Associate Partner Brett Harsen discusses the latest trends in equity compensation at pre-IPO firms in Silicon Valley, particularly the move by a few large companies to consider the use of restricted stock while still private.

Source: The Recorder

What About the Rest of Us? - Beyond CEO Pay

Radford President Linda Amuso and other industry leaders discuss trends in executive compensation below the CEO level, addressing issues like internal pay equity, corporate culture and investor scrutiny of pay programs.

Source: The Conference Board Review

Talent-Poaching Revs up Among Tech Firms

Radford data is highlighted in this article about talent poaching among technology companies.

Source: SFGATE