Aon adds Conrad Lee to its Rewards Solutions team to expand its offerings for private company clients

Aon announces Conrad Lee is joining the Rewards Solutions team as a director where he will partner with venture capital firms and their portfolio companies to deliver market-leading rewards data and insights. Conrad joins the team at a time of tremendous growth for our Private Market Practice, which now serves more than 1,000 private companies annually across the globe.

Source: Press Release

Singapore Job Outlook

With Singapore cutting its forecast for economic growth this year, Glenn van Zutphen speaks to Alex Krasavin, Partner and Chief Commercial Officer for Aon’s Human Capital Solutions in Asia, who shares more about how the economic risks are affecting technology jobs in Singapore.

Source: Money FM 89.3

Do activists really care about remuneration?

Karla Bos, director of governance consulting and rewards solutions at Aon, shares insights aboout why some shareholder activists are targeting executive compensation and governance issues more often.

Source: Activist Insight

Global Compensation Considerations

Aon's Derrick Neuhauser and Kavita Maharaj write about how developing a smart compensation plan that supports a long-term global strategy is a central component of corporate success for WorldatWork's June/July 2019 edition of Workspan magazine. (membership required)

Source: Workspan magazine

The future of rewards

In this interview, David Knopping, Partner and President, Rewards Solutions at Aon and Alex Cwirko-Godycki, Partner and Chief Commercial Officer, Rewards Solutions at Aon, look at the changing paradigms of rewards landscape.

Source: People Matters

Vanguard Splinters Off Engagement, Voting Responsibilities

One of the world’s largest asset managers has announced it will allow investment managers looking after the firm’s actively managed funds to take on proxy voting and engagement responsibilities. The move by Vanguard will involve 25 subadvisory firms that manage $471 billion in equity assets for 27 Vanguard funds. Karla Bos, Director, Corporate Governance, highlights how this move is part of a greater evolution of the role of investment managers. (subscription required)

Source: Agenda

Here's how to get on a board of directors

Aon data regarding board of director compensation of S&P 1500 companies is cited in this CNN Business article.

Source: CNN Business

Finding and keeping tech talent needs more thought says Aon

Aon's Alex Krasavin shares his thoughts on how so-called "digital newcomer" companies can attract new types of skilled talent. 

Source: Tech Wire Asia

Quantifying Value: How to Use Analytics to Calculate the ROI of HR Programs

Aon's Stefan Gaertner and Ada Guan write about how to use workforce analytics to measure the value of a company's HR programs for WorldatWork's February 2019 edition of Workspan magazine. 

Source: Workspan magazine

Massachusetts doctors going the startup route

The Boston Globe cites Radford data in an article about a trend in medical doctors taking jobs at biopharmaceutical companies right out of medical school. 

Source: Boston Globe

A positive hiring and salary outlook for tech companies in APAC: Report

Radford's Q3 2018 workforce data for the technology sector across Asia-Pacific is highlighted in this news article.

Source: People Matters

In the red-hot race to fill biotech jobs, benefits abound

Radford's Rob Surdel is quoted in this article about how biotech companies are attempting to attract and retain employees in the super-charged Boston market.

Source: Boston Globe

APAC Tech Companies Are Upping Their Hiring Game in 2018

This article discusses Radford's latest data on aggressive hiring in the technology sector in Asia-Pacific and how companies are upping their game to recruit new talent.

Source: Entrepreneur Asia Pacific

When Your Sales Mobility Program Is Stuck in a Compensation Rut

Radford's Scott Barton and Rachel Bedford discuss compensation strategies for sales departments to promote internal mobility among their employees. 

Source: Workspan Weekly

4 Ways To Build The Right Rewards Culture For Your Employees

In this guest post, Radford's Kyle Holm and Kelsey Owen discuss the importance of establishing a compensation philosophy early on to attract and retain talent in a the high stakes startup environment.

Source: CB Insights

Hiring plans for tech firms in 8 key APAC markets look optimistic

Radford's Alex Krasavin discusses our latest workforce trends data showing an optimistic hiring environment in the Asia-Pacific region.

Source: Human Resources Online

Tech firms in 8 key APAC markets to increase hiring: Report

Radford's quarterly workforce trends data for the Asia-Pacific region is featured in this news report.

Source: People Matters

Technology Companies in Asia-Pacific Raise Hiring Expectations

Radford's quaterly workforce trends data for Asia-Pacific is highlighted. 

Source: Business Insider (Singapore)

The Era of Pay Transparency is Here. Is Your Organization Prepared?

Radford's Stefan Gaertner identifies what the pay transparency movement is and how it's impacting organizations today and in the future.

Source: HR Executive magazine

The Rise of Non-Proxy Advisory Firm Compliant Share Requests with Laura Wanlass and Kristen Williams

In this podcast, Aon's Laura Wanlass explains why we're seeing a rise in the number of companies putting share plans to a vote that are not compliant with proxy advisory firm standards.

Source: National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP)

Executive Compensation: Will the New Pay Ratio Disclosure Help Curb What CEOs Make?

Radford's Ken Wechsler is quoted in this article about executive compensation trends in the Southern California business market.

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

Aon’s Equity Services Group Launches EquiTV

Companies providing equity compensation to employees now have access to a cost-effective library of videos to help educate participants on their awards.

Source: Radford Press Release

Looking To Enter The AI Race? Be Prepared To Hand Out Some Hefty Equity

Radford’s Kyle Holm and Kelsey Owen present Radford’s latest data on equity premiums companies are paying for employees with expertise in artificial intelligence.  

Source: CB Insights

Wringing Out Your Merit Budget

Radford’s Aria Glasgow and Cindy Edwards provide four tips on ways to get more out of your merit budget to maximize the investment in your people.

Source: Workspan Magazine

5 Ways to Do Comp Better

Compensation Café cites our recent article, Three Big Questions to Ask Yourself When Benchmarking Pay at Life Sciences Companies,  for providing “tips that are practical, wise and to the point.”

Source: Compensation Café

Keep It Fresh: Don’t Let Stale Survey Data Keep You from Being Competitive

Radford’s Tim Brown discusses the benefits of an evergreen compensation survey and how it differs in important ways from annual or crowdsourced survey providers.

Source: Workspan Magazine

Five Strategies To Retain Your Sales Talent And Reduce Costly Turnover

Forbes references an article from Radford’s Scott Barton on sales force turnover in the technology and life sciences sectors.

Source: Forbes

Cutting Pay Complexity by Bucking the Performance Share Trend

Radford’s Ed Speidel discusses why some companies in the UK and US are trading their performance share plans for restricted stock with longer holding periods in order to reduce complexity.

Source: Agenda

High-Performance Sales: Don't Start with Compensation

Radford’s Scott Barton discusses the top drivers of a high-performing sales organization in the September issue of WorldatWork’s Sales Compensation Focus newsletter.

Source: WorldatWork Sales Compensation Focus

Radford Welcomes Carl Schmitt to Its Executive Compensation Practice

The executive compensation consulting practice at Radford is excited to announce the addition of a new senior leader, Carl Schmitt, to our team. Carl joins Radford as an associate partner in our Los Angeles office.

Source: Radford Press Release

Radford Welcomes Stefan Gaertner to Its Workforce Analytics Practice

The workforce analytics practice at Radford is excited to announce the addition of Stefan Gaertner to the team. Stefan joins Radford as a partner in our Los Angeles office.

Source: Radford Press Release

Voluntary Sales Talent Turnover Finally Slowing Down

Radford’s Scott Barton and Mark Davis discuss the latest turnover trends in the technology and life sciences sectors in the July issue of WorldatWork’s Sales Compensation Focus newsletter.

Source: WorldatWork Sales Compensation Focus

Study Says Talent War in China May Be Cooling off, But Just a Little

Marie Brinkman’s article about technology workforce and market trends in China is published in Tech in Asia magazine.

Source: Tech in Asia

What’s In, What’s Out: The Latest Perks Provided by Technology Companies

Radford Partner Tim Brown writes about which perquisites are popular in the technology and life sciences sectors based on findings from our 2016 Perquisite Practices Survey. (log-in information required)

Source: Workspan Magazine

Radford Welcomes Craig Laviano to Its Talent Consulting Practice

The talent consulting practice at Radford is excited to announce the addition of Craig Laviano to the team. Craig joins Radford as an associate partner in our San Francisco office.

Source: Radford Press Release

Radford Welcomes Patricia Averett to Its Talent Consulting Practice

The talent consulting practice at Radford is excited to announce the addition of Patricia Averett to the team. Patricia joins Radford as an associate partner in our San Francisco office.

Source: Radford Press Release

Salary Boost Seen for Tech Sector in Singapore

Brooke Green is quoted in this article, which highlights Radford's Quarterly Trends Report that shows robust salary increases for Singapore and other Asian markets.

Source: Human Resources Director Singapore magazine

Companies Move to Reprice Employee’s Stock Options

Brett Harsen is quoted in this article about how technology companies are repricing their employee stock options in an environment where stock values have been mixed.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Radford Welcomes Nora McCord to its Executive Compensation Consulting Practice

The executive compensation consulting practice at Radford is excited to announce the addition of a new senior leader, Nora McCord, to our team. Nora joins Radford as an associate partner in our San Francisco office.

Source: Radford Press Release

Retaining Employees During Down Rounds

Radford's Kyle Holm outlines approaches for keeping employees at pre-IPO companies engaged during a down round.

Source: Startup Nation

Radford Welcomes Mark Davis to its Sales Compensation Consulting Practice

The sales compensation consulting practice at Radford is excited to announce the addition of a new senior leader, Mark Davis, to our team. Mark joins Radford as an associate partner based in Aon Hewitt's Newport Beach, Calif. office.

Source: Radford Press Release

San Diego's Top Paid CEOs

As in past years, the San Diego U-T published its annual report on compensation for publicly traded company CEOs in San Diego County. Alongside CEO pay trends, you’ll find commentary from Radford's Ken Wechsler on retention and total shareholder return.

Source: San Diego U-T

Four Ways to Keep Pay Groups Relevant During Unstable Markets

Radford's Rachel Cohen provides tips for refreshing your peer group when the market is volatile and your industry is changing rapidly.

Source: Agenda

It's the Equity, Stupid: Compensation Package Focus at BIO 2016 Moves Beyond Cash

Radford's Rob Surdel and Ken Wechsler, and other industry leaders, addressed compensation plans and the hyper-competitive biotech job market at BIO 2016.


Radford Welcomes Aria Glasgow to its Employee Compensation Consulting Practice

The employee compensation consulting practice at Radford is excited to announce the addition of a new senior leader, Aria Glasgow, to our team. Aria joins Radford as an associate partner in our Boston office.

Source: Radford Press Release

Aon Hewitt and Radford Welcome David Eaton and Susan Choe to our Governance Services Practice

The Governance Services Practice at Aon Hewitt and Radford is very excited to announce the addition of two new colleagues to our team: David Eaton joins our practice as an associate partner based in San Francisco and Susan Choe joins our practice as a senior consultant based in Philadelphia.

Source: Radford Press Release

Local CEOs Ride Stock Gains to Higher Pay

Radford's Ken Wechsler speaks with the San Diego Union-Tribune about the importance of offering employee equity in the technology sector to retain talent in a competitive jobs environment.

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

Party Like a Rock Star: Chinese Tech Firms' Edition

Radford's Nina Xiao, who heads our Asia-Pacific office, explains in this Wall Street Journal article why some Silicon Valley technology firms are losing talent to Chinese competitors.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Shareholders Meeting Spotlights the New Microsoft

Radford's say-on-pay research is highlighted in The Seattle Times article recapping Microsoft's first shareholder meeting with CEO Satya Nadella.

Source: The Seattle Times

Microsoft's Satya Nadella Set to Lead First Shareholders Meeting

The Seattle Times Microsoft Prio blog outlines the first shareholder meeting with Microsoft's Satya Nadella at the helm. Radford's research provides insight say-on-pay trends in the tech industry.

Source: The Seattle Times

CEOs: What the Top 1 Percent Earn

The San Diego U-T published its annual CEO compensation report. With CEO data focused on the local market, this article contains commentary from Radford's Ken Wechsler on the impact of say-on-pay.

Source: San Diego Union Tribune

CEO/Worker Pay-ratio Regulation Riles Critics

Radford's Ken Wechsler provides commentary in the San Diego U-T's article on CEO-to-median employee pay ratio.

Source: San Diego Union Tribune

Radford and Aon Hewitt Welcome Dan Coleman

Please join us in welcoming Dan Coleman to our equity valuation services practice. Based in Chicago, Dan will serve as the practice's Midwest and Canadian market leader, assisting clients with the design, valuation, and accounting of equity award instruments.

Source: Radford Press Release

Ask the Experts: What is the Biggest Challenge Sales Compensation Professionals Face Today?

Radford's Scott Barton recently spoke with WorldatWork to share his thoughts on the growing complexity of sales compensation plan design, including pay-for-performance issues, managing multi-person deal, and handling incentives for products vs. services.

Source: WorldatWork Sales Compensation Focus

CEO Pay Shifts to Long-Term, Performance-Based Equity

Radford's David Knopping and other leaders address executive compensation trends at a Corporate Directors Forum event.

Source: San Diego Source

It's Hard to Slice and Dice CEO Paychecks

Radford's Ted Buyniski discusses the global implications of the SEC's newly proposed CEO to worker pay ratio disclosure rules with The Wall Street Journal.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Fatter Paychecks Expected at Tech Firms

Radford's David Knopping recently connected with The Wall Street Journal to share his thoughts on compensation trends for key executives at venture-backed and pre-IPO technology companies amid new data pointing to higher pay for sales and technology function leaders.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Biopharma Job Outlook Bleak through Mid-Decade

With a number of layoffs planned in the next year at big pharma companies in both the US and Europe, GEN News connected with Radford's Linda Amuso to discuss the overall hiring environment at life sciences companies. Leveraging Radford's comprehensive database, Linda provided insights on the differing prospects for employees at small, mid- and large-sized firms.

Source: Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

What do San Diego's CEOs make?

Keeping with past tradition, the San Diego U-T published its annual CEO compensation report today. Inside you'll find the latest updates on pay trends in the region along with commentary from Radford's Ken Wechsler on the growing importance on Say-on-Pay votes.

Source: San Diego Union Tribune

Start-Up Staff Getting More Cash

Leveraging new data from Radford's Pre-IPO/Ventured-Backed Survey, The Wall Street Journal explores the shrinking compensation gap between private and public companies in Silicon Valley as the war for talent heats up.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Boards Assail Proxy Advisors' Peer Groups

Radford Associate Partner David Knopping provides commentary on the contrasting approaches used by ISS and Glass Lewis to develop peer groups when conducting pay for performance assessments. With key advisory firms revising their methodologies ahead of Say-on-Pay votes, companies are now racing to understand the implications of these policy changes.

Source: Agenda Week

A New Vehicle Cruises Slowly Into LTI Plans

Radford's Terry Adamson provides commentary in this article explaining market stock units.

Source: Agenda Week

Executive Compensation: Getting Philosophical

In this contributed article, Radford's Ken Wechsler and Alexander Cwirko-Godycki discuss many of the important decision points executives and Boards of Directors face when developing a compensation philosophy.

Source: Vistage Connect

Wealth After an IPO Can Cause Employees to Go

Radford Associate Partner Brett Harsen provides commentary on the challenges faced by recently public companies as they seek to retain key employees after an IPO. Beyond compensation, companies should also plan ahead for post-offering management training, career path development and HR systems.

Source: Workforce Management

For Tech's Elite, Mobile Gaming Is a Big Play

As mobile and social gaming grow in prominence, hiring in the sector is also gaining steam. In this Wall Street Journal story on the rising tide of gaming company investments, Radford provides new data on the hiring outlook for gaming and entertainment companies in the technology sector.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Leveling Pay on a Global Scale

Radford Associate Partner Brett Harsen discusses the challenges of implementing global leveling systems for job titles and compensation on the heels of a new study showing more companies are moving to adopt such global standards.

Source: Human Resource Executive Magazine

GCs Find Options Never Go Out of Style

Radford Associate Partner Brett Harsen discusses the latest trends in equity compensation at pre-IPO firms in Silicon Valley, particularly the move by a few large companies to consider the use of restricted stock while still private.

Source: The Recorder

What About the Rest of Us? - Beyond CEO Pay

Radford President Linda Amuso and other industry leaders discuss trends in executive compensation below the CEO level, addressing issues like internal pay equity, corporate culture and investor scrutiny of pay programs.

Source: The Conference Board Review

Talent-Poaching Revs up Among Tech Firms

Radford data is highlighted in this article about talent poaching among technology companies.

Source: SFGATE

Underwater Stock Options: What Have We Learned?

Written by Radford Associate Partners Jon Burg and Brett Harsen for WorldatWork's Compensation Focus. The article examines lessons learned in the aftermath of the numerous underwater exchanges that took place in 2009, looking at both shareholder and employee responses to the programs.

Source: WorldatWork

Is It Time to Change Pay Metrics?

Radford Partner, Valuation Business Executive Terry Adamson is interviewed for Agenda's article regarding pay metrics.

Source: Agenda

Valley Takes a New Look at Stock Options

Associate Partner Brett Harsen is interviewed for this front page San Jose Mercury News article that discusses the current state and future of stock option use by technology companies in Silicon Valley

Source: San Jose Mercury News

Option Exchanges Stall Amid Criticism Of RiskMetrics' Rules

Associate Partner Brett Harsen discusses how Risk Metrics' changing guidance caused some companies to cancel or revise their repricing plans

Source: Agenda

Plenty of Options

Associate Partner Jon Burg gives a consulting perspective of the current state of underwater exchange programs for The Recorder, a California legal publication

Source: The Recorder

Opinion: How Boards Can Address Underwater Stock Options

Associate Partners Jon Burg and Brett Harsen discuss how Boards can address underwater options in today's environment with this comprehensive by-lined article for Agenda

Source: Agenda

Employers Give Underwater Options New Life

Associate Partner Brett Harsen is interviewed for this article discussing the growing number of employers that are allowing employees to exchange underwater options via underwater exchange programs

Source: Workforce Management