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Q1 2017 Turnover Rates & Hiring Sentiment by Industry at US Technology Companies

In aggregate, the competition for talent at technology sector companies remains very strong. However, some industries face much tougher hiring and employee retention conditions than others. Our new infographic explores workforce trends across software, hardware, semiconductor and medical device companies.

Q1 2017 Turnover Rates & Hiring Sentiment by Commercial Stage at US Life Sciences Companies

The competition for talent at US life sciences companies remains energetic. Nearly half of pre-commercial firms currently report plans to hire aggressively to continue ramping up R&D. Things are slightly more subdued at commercial companies, but voluntary turnover remains high, suggesting ample job opportunities.

Global Workforce Trends for Technology Companies

The global economy is expected to accelerate growth in 2017, and strong economic conditions may boost more technology companies into healthy states of hiring. Currently, 42% of technology companies worldwide are planning to grow their headcount by at least 10% and voluntary turnover in key markets is high, indicating the tech sector outlook is still on the up-and-up.

Global Workforce Trends for Life Sciences Companies

The outlook for the global economy and the life sciences market, in particular, is expected to pick up the pace in 2017. Although life sciences companies in many key markets have scaled back on headcount growth, the markets in India, China and the United States look strong.

Technology Sector Employee Engagement & Recognition Practices

Recognition is a key driver of employee engagement, but as the pace of business continues to accelerate, more companies are starting to supplement traditional top-down, cash-based programs (which are still highly valued) with more frequent opportunities for peer-to-peer recognition. 

Life Sciences Sector Employee Engagement & Recognition Practices

Only 38% of life sciences companies formally measure employee engagement, which puts them well-behind their innovative brethren in the technology sector. It's time for life sciences companies to take the pulse of their workforces. We also know recognition is a key driver of engagement, so companies can make a quick impact by taking a look at their recognition portfolio. Recognition awards can involve cash, but the importance of non-monetary awards should not be discounted. "Thank you" is a powerful tool.

What Drives Corporate Culture?

It takes an entire organization to drive and cultivate a unique company culture. At technology and life sciences companies, out data shows the enormous influence that communication at the top leadership and middle management levels has on shaping culture.

Promotion Practices & Budgets

What percentage of your staff will you promote this year? And when you do hand out those coveted promotions, what sort of raises should your employees expect to receive? Our latest infographic explores how technology and life sciences companies answered these questions.