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Economic Outlook, Salary, and Employee Turnover - April 2012

Despite positive signs, the European economy remains exposed to downside risks during 2012 with unemployment continuing to rise.

Top Paying Technology Jobs in Germany

As a leading reward consultancy in the Technology and Life Science sectors, Radford monitors the main trends for key jobs in the Technology sector. With reference to our compensation data from nearly 340 technology companies in Germany we present a sample of our data which may be of interest to HR and Reward managers across the sector.

Economic Outlook, Salary, and Employee Turnover - March 2012

Growth estimates for 2012 have been revised slightly downwards. Read more about reward implications in this quarter's Radford Market Insight.

Sales Compensation Challenges - January 2012

As the economic recovery remains slow, structuring incentive plans and accurately measuring performance is key.

Economic Outlook, Salary, and Employee Turnover - January 2012

Across Europe, fears of a mild recession dampen 2012 forecasts.


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