Partner with Radford to Prepare for the Disclosure of Your CEO Pay Ratio

You've heard about it for years, and unless something dramatic happens soon, the disclosure of CEO pay ratios will quickly be a reality. While disclosures won't appear for several more months, the time to take action is now.

What Makes Radford Different?

We start with the end in mind. Leveraging our extensive technology and life sciences survey databases, our executive compensation team has the ability to go well beyond simply calculating your company's CEO pay ratio. We can give you, your team and your board of directors unmatched visibility into your standing relative to peer organizations— the edge you'll need to craft effective disclosures and develop a sound communications plan for shareholders, proxy advisors, and employees.

Our Approach

Help clients understand and assess their methodology choices.

The SEC's final CEO pay ratio rules give issuers a degree of flexibility on gathering a representative data sample from their employee population and in setting a time frame for measuring pay. We'll help you understand your choices and how those choices might impact your calculations based on your firm's specific circumstances.

Calculate your CEO pay ratio and measure it relative to industry benchmarks.

Institutional investors and proxy advisors will almost certainly compare your CEO pay ratio to industry peers, as the unique makeup of workforces within industries can dramatically influence pay ratio results. With our depth of data in the technology and life sciences sectors, we can compare your ratio relative to the market and help you assess how your ratio will likely be viewed by the public.

Draft required disclosures and prepare for potential supplemental comments.

While the initial focus of compensation and HR professionals should be on how to accurately calculate your CEO pay ratio, it's important to think about what your shareholders, employees and other stakeholders might want to see and hear. Together with Aon's governance experts, we'll help you address the basics and also consider whether additional data points or narrative disclosures might be needed.

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