Platform Enhancements: Peer Group Access Enhancement and Multi-Factor Authentication

Our April publication – the final quarterly publication of the 2022-2023 survey cycle – includes new platform features and enhancements, highlights of which you can preview below.

Peer Group Access Enhancement
Peer group access will now be separated into two different user groups. The first will be Create, Manage and Run Peer Group Reports, while the second will be Run Peer Group Reports. As the name implies, users with “Create, Manage and Run Peer Group Reports” permission will have full access to peer group capabilities, which includes creating, refreshing and deleting peer groups. Users with “Run Peer Group Reports” access will only be able to run peer group reports in Market Queries.

Primary users can use the “Manage Access” link to request changes to their teams’ peer group access. At launch, all users accessing the peer group features will continue to retain privileges to create and run peer group reports.


Leveraging Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to Log Into the Network
We have implemented the multi-factor authentication security measure into this release as an effort to ensure a more secure login process. Once multi-factor authentication has been added to your account (you will receive a detailed email prior to this functionality being turned on for your company), you will be prompted to create additional methods of identity verification, including push notification using the Okta Verify app, phone call or SMS, or answering a security question. For more details, please refer to this FAQ.



To learn about these enhancements in greater detail, please read our new article on the Radford Network Knowledge Base.

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