Publication: Access Our First-Ever Release of the Radford Global Compensation Database Today

Our first quarterly publication of the 2021-2022 survey cycle, which is also the first-ever release of the Radford Global Compensation Database, is here! This publication is historic and marks a new era in our product journey, featuring many exciting and fundamental changes to the Radford platform. Starting with this publication, all of our data is now together in one place, including information previously in the Radford Global Technology Survey, Radford Global Life Sciences Survey, Radford Global Sales Survey, Radford U.S. Pre-IPO Survey and multiple Aon Total Compensation Measurement (TCM) surveys.

Today, the entire Radford Global Compensation Database includes:

  • 4,386 Companies
  • 15+ Million Employees
  • 89 Countries
  • 6,500+ Reported Jobs

Importantly, this publication brings data together from the Technology, Life Sciences, Retail & E-commerce, Media & Gaming, Manufacturing and Energy industries. In our previous release notes, we walked through our job module structure for the Radford Global Compensation Database. If you would like to learn more and access additional job modules, please contact your survey consultant.

To access this publication of the Radford Global Compensation Database, visit:



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