Publication Preview: Enhanced Peer Group Functionality

With our landmark publication — the first-ever release of the Radford Global Compensation Database and the first quarterly publication of the 2021-2022 survey year — right around the corner, we have completely revamped our peer group reporting functionality and delivery model. Importantly, access to our new peer group functionality requires an upgrade to your annual survey participation package. If you did not already subscribe to this feature, please contact your account manager for more information.

Now, you be able to create peer groups yourself, on demand, and use them directly in Market Queries alongside other standard cuts of data in the Radford Global Compensation Database (RGCD). This means a custom report, which would have taken days or even weeks to complete, can now be run in a matter of minutes. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Getting started is easy. To create a peer group, simply navigate to the new Peer Groups tab in the navigation and click "Create Peer Group." Next, select your country or countries, name your peer group and further refine your peer group selection using the industry, headcount, revenue and ownership type market filters. From there, select the companies that you want to include in your peer group and click "Review Jobs."

Reviewing the jobs is a simple process, simply click on the "+" sign to view all the jobs included or just select the countries you want to include and click validate. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to select countries with fewer than 10 companies, as it will not meet our data sufficiency requirements. Once validation is complete, you will be able to run your custom peer group using the Market Queries tool.

As you can see below, you can now run our peer group alongside other standard cuts of data and breakouts directly using Market Queries. This allows for near limitless customization for your queries, with the ability to zero in on the exact data you need.

Other updates and information pertaining to peer groups include:

  • After the July 2021 publication, clients will no longer be able to order compensation peer group reports in the legacy transactional model. Instead, clients can purchase one or unlimited peer groups as part of their annual subscription. Please contact your sales account manager or survey consultant for more information.
  • Clients have the option to refresh the data in their peer groups, provided at least five companies within a peer group have new data. We have moved onto a common, quarterly, refresh schedule for both standard and peer group reporting.
  • The legacy “4 excel file” peer group deliverable will be replaced with the standard Market Query output file. Using a common output format and delivering all data in one file/worksheet will help significantly reduce the amount of post-processing time for you. As with standard Market Queries, clients can select which jobs, data elements, industries and regions to include in Peer Group Market Queries.

If you have any questions on peer groups or other issues related to our next big publication, please don't hesitate to contact your survey consultant.

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