Resources: Radford Network Training Resources Enhancements

Enhancements to the Radford Network are not limited to new software updates and bug fixes. Recently, we made a number of important updates to the Radford Network training resource database, including:

  • Videos: Need to learn about network features quickly? Our series of on-demand training videos were designed to provide you with the basics to get you up and running on the Radford Network in no time. In addition to our existing comprehensive video library, we have launched a number of brand new videos (listed below) to show you how to get the most out of the Radford Network. All videos are available via Resources > Training > Network Tutorials or Input & Job Matching Tutorials:

    The following are our most popular videos: Click on the video title to view:
    • Create a Market Query (New 2020) – This recently updated Data Generator tool is where you go to create custom queries with many or all jobs, multiple breakouts per report, and/or combined market filter breakouts.
    • Customizing Job Lists Within Market Queries (New 2020) – Brand new to the Market Queries tool, learn how to create, edit and duplicate job lists.
    • Data Generator Report Downloads and the Data Display Tool (New 2020) - Understand the key features of our Data Generator report downloads, including the interactive Data Display Tool which provides a one-page, print-friendly market pricing report.
    • Quick Benchmarks Tool (New 2019) - Instantly market price a job or small group of jobs within a single, customizable market. Use our interactive online chart and table display or download data to Excel.
    • Job Matrix Tool (New 2019) - Explore the fastest way to find jobs in the Radford Surveys. Our onscreen display includes incumbent counts for your company’s matched jobs and a quick link to Quick Benchmarks (View Pay Data), which will populate with your pre-selected criteria.
  • Additional Videos: Accessible to customers from inside the Radford Network:
    • Radford Network Overview (New 2019)
    • Radford Survey Input Overview (Updated 2020)
    • Using SurveySecure to Upload and Retrieve Files (New 2020)
    • Market Filters
    • Data Element Sets
    • Radford Roll-Up Jobs
    • Creating a Custom Job
    • Job Matching (Videos by category and industry)
  • FAQ: We’ve added two new What’s New sections: Market Queries and Market Practice Studies. Check here for important updates. We’ve also added and updated other FAQ sections, including a complete step-by-step guide for creating Market Queries in our Using the Market Queries Tool section.
  • Training Webinars: Our complimentary training sessions are live, interactive and centered around specific topics, such as job matching and making the most of Radford data. This is an opportunity to get your pressing questions answered.

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