Publication: The 2020 Salary Increase and Turnover Study Results Are Now Available

We're excited to announce that the results of our inaugural 2020 Salary Increase and Turnover Study (first edition) are now available to Radford clients who participated. Results include pay planning data from 1,269 organizations across 136 countries.

As a reminder, this study— which replaces the Radford Trends Survey and Aon’s Salary Increase Survey— will be now be conducted twice a year. The new study provides an in-depth exploration of global pay trends and turnover rates across multiple industries and covers a wide range of topics, such as actual/budgeted salary increases; turnover rates; hiring/workforce growth; performance ratings usage; and promotion rates.

Please note: This study was conducted from January through March, and the results reflect the pre-COVID-19 environment during the data collection period.

Starting with this edition, all Radford Network users at companies that completed the study questionnaire will gain access to the results. To access results, visit:

Results are provided in both PDF and Excel formats. The PDF results will provide you with an overview and summary of the pay practices data we collected for participating companies, while the Excel documents are more interactive and give you the ability to filter results by country, industry and more. As a reminder, if you shared data for the U.S. only, you will only be eligible to receive U.S. data. If you shared data for four or more countries, you will be eligible to receive the full global report. Additional custom data cuts are available for purchase.

The second edition of our 2020 Salary Increase and Turnover Study opens in early June, and will collect critical information on pay practices, performance management, workforce planning, turnover and more, as this type of data will become increasingly important to navigate the months ahead. We encourage you to participate, even if you've since frozen pay or hiring, as the results will be valuable as we cover a lot of traditional pay delivery practices.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your survey consultant.

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