Platform Enhancements: Global Workforce Analytics Data Refresh and Updated Participants Page

Our latest code release went live over the weekend on the Radford Network. Key enhancements for this update include: 

  • The Global Workforce Analytics platform has been updated with the March 2020 data refresh.

  • The Participants page has been updated and given a brand new look and feel. In addition, you will also now be able to sort participants by Company Name, HQ Location, Industry, and Ownership and Organization Type.

  • From the My Reports page, you will now have the ability to delete a previously saved report as well as order a new Custom Report.

  • If you are a participant in only the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey, you were previously receiving an "Access Denied" error when you clicked on the Input tab under Resources as it defaulted to the Radford Global Technology Survey. This error has since been fixed and will now default to the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey.

Other enhancements and bug fixes:

  • There was an error preventing users that signed up for the Radford Pre-IPO Survey in 2020 from seeing a link to fill out the Pre-IPO Questionnaire. This error has now been fixed. If you signed up for the Radford Pre-IPO Survey prior to 2020, this does not apply to you.

  • Job leveling for scientist jobs as well as various other bugs have been fixed in the functional Job Matrix.

  • You will no longer get multiple emails prompting you to reset your password when you incorrectly input your password multiple times.

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