Platform Enhancements: Retail Client Access and Industry Code Revamp

Our latest code release went live over the weekend on the Radford Network. Key enhancements for this update include:

  • The Radford Network is now accessible for retail-only clients. These new users will have access to 3 retail job functions, 50 retail-specific job families as well as 2 retail-specific data elements.

  • Implementation of our new industry codes have also gone into effect with this release—now with broader reach. The new industry codes now cover 180 specific industries and sub-industries compared to 26. You will be able to select the new industries when using Market Filters from our Quick Benchmarks and Market Queries tools.

  • The next time you use the Market Queries tool, you will receive a notification that the new industry filters have been mapped to your saved queries. You will notice the change when you attempt to view a saved query. In addition, you will also be able to download a log of all your saved queries that have been impacted.

    New industry filter change on Market Queries

    Downloadable change logs in Excel format

  • When using Market Queries, the industry filter will now dynamically update when switching between countries. Please note that only the industries that meet the data sufficiency requirement of 10 companies will be displayed. If a country does not meet this minimum threshold for a single industry, then the industry and sub-industry filters will not be displayed for that country. Below, you can see the filter updates when toggling between the United States, Argentina and Bahrain.

To log in to the Radford Network, visit:

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