Access December 2019 Radford U.S. Benefits Survey Results and Upcoming Survey Changes

We are both delighted and a little saddened to report that our December 2019 publication of the Radford U.S. Benefits Survey has arrived and will be the last publication of this survey in its current form. Our final publication features submissions from 298 technology and life sciences companies, which can be viewed in aggregate or displayed by individual benefit categories.

To access our latest data on the Radford Network, visit:

With your paid 2019 survey participation, you're also qualified to order a complimentary Custom Company Select or Industry Report. These reports present your data and aggregate peer group data for a quick side-by-side comparison. Further reports may be ordered at any time during the year for an additional fee. Please keep in mind that if you did not submit cost of benefits and/or medical/dental premium information in your 2019 input, you will not have access to this information in the Overall Report or in Custom Reports.

How are benefits reports changing in 2020?

Starting in 2020, the Radford U.S. Benefits Survey will be delivered on Aon's Benefit SpecSelectTM platform. This change will provide Radford clients with added insights on a far more dynamic reporting system. Importantly, given the unique needs of technology and life sciences companies, we've worked to create a customized Benefit SpecSelect site for Radford clients, which is available for a low, all-in price of $3,500. Clients will also have an option to explore access to the full Benefit SpecSelect platform, featuring data across all industries, if they choose.

Key benefits of this change include:

  • While the Benefit SpecSelect platform requires companies to provide additional submission materials, Aon's benefits team works directly with all participants to support the submission process, including filling out submission materials.
  • The Benefits SpecSelect platform offers an online reporting environment where clients can access data on-the-fly vs. downloading static PDF reports
  • All clients will have the ability to run an unlimited number of custom reports on the Benefit SpecSelect platform, which features targeted reporting options well beyond what Radford has traditionally offered.

Covered benefit areas include:

  • Health care (including active medical, prescription drugs, dental, vision, hearing, and retiree medical)
  • Retirement income plans (including defined benefit and defined contribution programs)
  • Disability (short-term and long-term)
  • Death benefits (including group life, survivor benefits, and retiree life)
  • Paid leave (including sick leave, holidays, vacations, PTO banks, parental leave, and more)
  • Work/life and voluntary benefits

Benefit SpecSelect also allows clients to answer important trend questions, including:

  • What are employers charging employees for health care coverage?
  • How many employers have added parental leave programs?
  • How prevalent are PTO programs?
  • What are employers doing with retirement income plans?

If you have any questions regarding the 2019 Radford US Benefits Survey, please email us or contact your Radford U.S. Benefits Survey Consultant, Joan Arentzen at +1 (408) 321-2514.

As a reminder, it’s now time to renew for the upcoming Radford Survey year. To ensure your company has access to data for future publications, write to to check-in on your renewal status. Our team is ready to answer your questions and guide you through all of your renewal options.

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