Access May 2019 Radford US Pre-IPO Survey Results

Our May 2019 publication of the Radford US Pre-IPO Survey has arrived. Highlights of the latest publication include: 

  • Detailed cash and equity compensation information for nearly 70,000 executives and employees from 454 participating organizations in the technology and life sciences sectors.
  • Supplemental cash compensation reference points from public companies participating in the Radford Global Technology Survey and the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey. 
  • Survey results easily segmented by sector, level of outside investment (e.g., less than $40M, $40-$80M, or more than $80M), or company stage of development (e.g., startup, R&D, or revenue generating). 
  • Client ability to go beyond researching pay for individual jobs with the capacity to explore both total employee ownership ("overhang") and cash & equity compensation practices for board members.

To access our latest data on the New Radford Network, visit: To access our latest data on the Classic Radford Network, visit:

As a reminder, it’s not too late to renew for the upcoming Radford Survey year. To ensure your company has access to data for future publications, write to to check-in on your renewal status. Our team is ready to answer your questions and guide you through all of your renewal options.

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