Radford Network Update Notes

Our latest code release is scheduled to go live on the New Radford Network this weekend.

New Features/Enhancements: 

  • We've improved the process for creating data elements in Quick Benchmarks and Market Queries. When the Create/Edit link is clicked, the pop-up will now default on "Create New Set" rather than have you edit an uneditable saved data element set.
  • Previously hidden Radford Global Sales Survey data elements will now be displayed.
  • Survey Secure file upload size has increased from 300MB to 400MB.
  • Updated verbiage when no results are generated in Quick Benchmarks. 

Bug Fixes: 
  • Participants list loading slowly on Internet Explorer will now render faster.
  • Input links for the Radford Pre-IPO Survey questionnaire on the input page has been fixed.
  • Resolution bug on the homepage has been fixed. 
  • Survey Secure email bug for users with access to multiple accounts has been fixed. 
  • Various other fixes and improvements. 

These enhancements and bug fixes only apply to the New Radford Network. To log in, visit: radfordnetwork.aon.com.

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