Radford Network Update Notes

Our latest code release went live over the weekend on the Radford Network. Key enhancements for this update include: 

  • When using either the Quick Benchmarks or Market Queries tools, we have added the "All Other Regions" filter under the Region / City Market Filters when United States is selected as the country.


  • When using Quick Benchmarks and viewing in "chart view", the average will be displayed for data elements with no percentiles. The image below shows the average for Base/Target Incentive Mix.

  • When the "View Job Matrix" link is clicked in Quick Benchmarks, you will now be redirected to an already pre-populated Job Matrix page based on the survey and country you previously selected. 

  • Various other UI enhancements and Bug Fixes.

To log in to the Radford Network, visit: radfordnetwork.aon.com.

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