Introducing the Global Workforce Metrics Dashboard on the Radford Network

On Friday evening, our latest code release went live on the New Radford Network. Key enhancements include: 

  • The launch of our brand new Global Workforce Metrics Dashboard, which is available for full-census clients participating in our "GWA" program. This tool, the first on our emerging analytics platform, gives clients the ability to compare the distribution of their people and compensation spend against the market. Clients can also filter data and drill-down on the fly.

  • The launch of several user interface enhancements, including streamlined selection boxes on our Quick Benchmarks, Market Queries and Country Totals tools, the addition of a quick access custom reporting button on our home page, and the elimination of the large light blue page name bar across all pages. 

These new features are only available on the New Radford Network. To log in, visit:

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