New Market Filters and More on the Radford Network

Our latest code release will be live Monday, July 29th on the Radford Network. Key enhancements for this update include: 

  • On the home page of the Radford Network, we added a new tile that will show your submission deadlines for all surveys you are subscribed to. See the screenshot below with the Submission Deadline box outlined in red.  


  • When using the Quick Benchmarks or Market Queries tools, we've added several additional revenue buckets above $5.0B to help clients be more precise when using revenue filters. 

  • Similary, we've added the Automotive industry (can be found under Other Technology) as a new market filter on these tools. Companies in the automotive industry that were previously listed in another industry have been updated to reflect the new industry filter. 

  • On the infrastructure side, our new calculation engine is going live with this release and will significantly improve the speed of all reporting tools. On average, you will notice your reports will be ready anywhere from 5 to 20 times faster than before.  

These new features are only available on the New Radford Network. To log in, visit:

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